Abundance, Freedom Protect The New World Order

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This is installment three of a multi-part series. Each part describes a different way the New World Order inoculates itself against overthrow.

Last week we looked at how unprecedented freedom thwarts such attempts. The previous week looked at how enshrining Copiosis in the Constitution acts as a powerful deterrent. Both of those offer very strong deterrents by themselves. This week we’ll examine yet another way Copiosis inoculates itself against would-be overthrowers.

Let’s dive in.

In addition to everyone being free, people also get everything they need. And they get those things without needing to work for them. Of course, those things aren’t free. Instead, producers provide them, and become wealthy in the process.

But their wealth comes from the Copiosis algorithm, not the consumers’ pockets. That’s a major advantage over other systems. As is providing everything people need at no cost to them or anyone else.

Copiosis, in fact, eliminates all costs. That makes the system highly efficient and productive. It also vastly increases our productive capacity. Anyone, therefore, can do pretty much anything and create Net Benefit Value (NBV). When they do, they get Net Benefit Rewards (NBR), which they can use to enjoy luxuries.

All this means people live extraordinary lifestyles. Even compared to capitalism. Indeed, only the richest in capitalism get a taste of what everyone in Copiosis enjoys.

All this begs the question: How would a despot succeed under such conditions? How would they convince the population to give up such wonderful lifestyles? More important: Why would they?

Which brings us to the next reason taking over Copiosis would be very hard:

Number 3: Velvety handcuffs feel incredibly good

Someone bent on controlling others would, by definition, limit unparalleled freedoms Copiosis offers. What would motivate someone to even try this? The vast majority of people will really, really like living in Copiosis. Why would those folks choose less freedom over unparalleled prosperous lives? Lives where they’re totally free?

Let’s look at the United States as an example. Democracy, combined with capitalism offers pretty good lifestyles. Compared to other countries around the world one could argue United States lifestyles rank very high. It’s no wonder the world looks to America as an ideal place. For better or worse, a lot of other countries admire US lifestyles.

Meanwhile those living in the US are very protective of lifestyles it provides. We could say they’re RABID in their defense of it. Americans, generally, think it’s worth defending with their lives. And they often do.

In Copiosis, we create a kind of freedom unparalleled in the world today.

The entire US government is organized around protecting the capitalist/democratic way of life. So an extremely complex and powerful system actively protects capitalism and democracy. One that’s supported by every American through taxation. Even if some of those people disagree with what those taxes pay for.

The system all that infrastructure protects, however, can’t do hardly ANYTHING Copiosis can. Theoretically, lifestyles in Copiosis put to shame those in capitalist democracies. Even Capitalism’s proponents acknowledge capitalim’s weaknesses. Weaknesses noticeably absent in Copiosis.

So how much more rabidly will people defend Copiosis? It’s a great question.

Abundant, joyful lives inoculate the system

Think about it. Copiosis creates a cleaner planet. It offers way more opportunity. It vastly increases wealth for everyone. People are far more free. They’re healthier too. Their communities are safer. They have far more free time. And all this happens very fast once Copiosis is implemented. Where’s the incentive to do away with all this?

We saw a remarkable test of democracy in the last two years. In that test, people, and their love of democracy passed. While fascists tried wresting control of democracy, the system held. Just look at what’s happened since the Jan 6 capitol attack. Justice has indicted, jailed or punished nearly every major culprit. All that happened with massive support from everyday people.

In Copiosis, people have way more powerful tools to protect what they enjoy. So someone wanting to overthrow Copiosis faces serious hurdles. Hurdles from virtually every direction. The same agencies and systems working today work in Copiosis. The same people sworn to protect and serve, do so in Copiosis.

But in Copiosis, they’re far better equipped. And they have many, many amateur allies. Allies in the form of watchdogs and whistleblowers. All of whom get paid to do what they’re passionate about: keeping people honest and fair.

Life in Copiosis will be like the proverbial velvet handcuffs. It will feel so good, people won’t want to go back. And they’ll likely protect Copiosis even more stridently than they do democracy and capitalism today.

It’s a mystery…or is it?

We’re mystified how someone can ignore how Copiosis is well inoculated from takeover and claim it’s vulnerable. We can only guess such people don’t understand how Copiosis works. They might also not understand human nature.

Or perhaps they’re just mired in pessimistic thinking. Maybe they can’t see clearly because their world view is tainted by something going on in them. Something that blinds them. Or makes them insecure. Something that keeps them from reasoning through their fears.

It’s ok. We know human nature. We also are clear about the animating principle behind humanity. It’s the same principle animating everything else. That principle is based on freedom. Copiosis takes that freedom and maximizes it. As such, it is most aligned to that basic freedom underlying all of existence and the underlying principle animating all that is.

Those who try subverting the freedom Copiosis creates will end up losing. Just as we’re seeing with Trump and his followers losing today. Capitalism and democracy offer unique freedoms. That’s why both are so sought after and defended.

But that freedom pales in comparison to that Copiosis offers. So we don’t see why people won’t be as passionate about Copiosis as they are capitalism and democracy.

It’s just human nature. Human nature loves freedom. And Copiosis offers that in abundance.

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