People Power Protects The New World Order

Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

Wow. Over three weeks, we explored a lot. We’ve shared three reasons why a fascist taking over Copiosis is highly unlikely. We’re not done though! We’re now on reason number four. And, there’s still quite a few more coming.

Which means a lot of features keep people from making Copiosis a hellscape. Nearly all those features are carrots, not sticks. That’s because The New World Order brings out the best of people. Copiosis’ carrots are so sweet, people will love living in it.

People loving Copiosis is, by far, the biggest deterrent. Because of that, overthrowing Copiosis will be hard. Too many people will love living in it. And people defend what they love.

Which also explains our fascination over people worried about despots taking Copiosis over. The biggest safeguard against such an event is the most prevalent. We’re talking about people. The vast majority of people do the right thing. Which is why our current system works so freaking well.

And why it’s gone on for so long. A lot of people have tried breaking it. But in every case, they’ve failed. And in every case, it’s people who foiled the plots, eventually. The same is true for Copiosis.

“People” is Copiosis’ secret weapon. It alone offers tremendous protection. Let’s look closer at what we mean.

4. Copiosis is every person

Like Democracy, Copiosis is made up of every citizen, only more so. Unlike Democracy though, Everyone participates directly in Copiosis. Not through representatives. Everyone decides how the system measures and rewards actors through Citizen juries which give administrators feedback on algorithm variables.

With tech improvements, the entire population participates in real time. Everyone, eventually has direct, real time, influence on how the system works. In other words, everyone has maximum agency. From the macro level, all the way down to the micro level.

Meanwhile, everyone doing virtually anything gets richer and richer. All this activity IS Copiosis. People serve others voluntarily, then get rich. Don’t want to to that? Then don’t!

Copiosis really is freedom. Freedom maximized.

The same thing happens in the Copiosis Organization. This is the organization responsible for keeping the system working. Calling it an “organization” is tricky though. That’s because people come and go in it all the time. Since everyone participates at one point or another, everyone is a Copiosis Organization member.

Copiosis is literally every person. Every person living happily. Happy people are also hard to sway. (Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash)

Keeping People in check

But some work in the organization more regularly than others. Let’s call them “full time” staffers. These people ensure the system works properly, based on their expertise.

Everyone in that organization, however, is kept in check by anyone passionate enough to do that work. Should one of those people discover someone doing something nefarious and reports it, they’ve made the system better.

Most things happening in Copiosis are transparent. That includes what happens in the Copiosis Organization. Let’s say a report gets made about nefarious activity. Society will get notified of this. Then people can can react.

They can refuse to provide necessities to the culprits and their families. Luxury makers can do that too. The culprits’ reputation accounts can take a hit. Furthermore, people in the organization would likely not work with the culprits going forward.

So a lot of dynamics keep the system upright. All those dynamics involve people acting. And people will act.

We’ve pointed out in previous posts what that looks like today. How much more so will people act when they know they’ll get paid?

People Power: the secret weapon

In other words, people will make nefarious actors’ lives very hard.

On the flip side, it’s really easy to make one’s life wonderful. Helping others get rich gets you rich. Virtually anything a person does creates NBV. Which explains why we encourage people to follow their passions.

But what if creating mayhem is a person’s passion? Or what if someone’s passion is sowing distrust among people? Well, that’s why we say “virtually anything”.

“Passions” typically generate improvement. Not mayhem. Destructive acts typically come from a negative inner disposition. One usually generating insecure feelings. Feelings like jealousy, envy, or fear. When someone acts from those emotions, the result usually isn’t good.

Passionate people create improvement that also spreads to others. (Photo by Adrian Dascal on Unsplash)

Which is why Copiosis makes it easy to enjoy life. In joy, people’s acts typically produce improvement. Improvement that spreads to everyone. It sounds Kumbaya, we know. Some may call it Utopian, but we’ve said over and over that Copiosis is not Utopia.

It’s just a world where people live free. Where they can express the best of themselves. While doing that, they get rich.

People armed with freedom and wealth are very difficult to sway. Engaged in their passions, they aren’t interested in controlling others. They’re also not interested in being controlled.

It’s hard to overcome free, empowered people

Copiosis therefore creates a population of passionate, free, empowered people. It then gives them tools that ensure they keep those things. In order to take over Copiosis, the nefarious must overcome very powerful incentives. Incentives inspiring every individual to resist such people.

We find that an insurmountable defense. Think about it: somehow a nefarious person must convince EVERYONE what they offer will work better. Better than freedom. Better than empowerment.

Or they must convince a small group that they can get more freedom and empowerment by following the nefarious, rather than living in Copiosis. That’s a tall order. Because Copiosis offers TOTAL freedom. You just can’t have more freedom than what Copiosis offers.

If you disagree, contact us. We’d like to hear what kind of freedom you’re offering.

The masses enjoying Copiosis would easily thwart those trying to destroy Copiosis. By employing factors of Copiosis they control – their private property, passions and their personal agency – reigning in scoundrels is easy for people living in the New World Order.

Next week we take a close up look at a related, powerful inoculator. Stay tuned.

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