Is The Great Resignation Over?

Photo by Shivendu Shukla on Unsplash

The New York Time this week declared the Great Resignation over. What does that mean for the New World Order? Did people give up on resisting capitalist demands that they earn a living? Or was something else afoot?

Let’s take a look.

The Great Resignation described a large increase in unemployment numbers during the COVID pandemic. It looked like people chose to not work over working in terrible workplace conditions. For sure, some workers did make that choice. But some thought the Great Resignation showed people were fed up with capitalism.

A closer look at the data revealed something else. Researchers attributed the vast majority of resignations to low income workers leaving really terrible jobs. Furthermore, federal pandemic relief payments inspired those actions. In other words, the government facilitated large numbers of people leaving their jobs.

Make no mistake. That was a good thing. Many of those jobs are bad. Especially during the pandemic. Stimulus payments also allowed people breathing room. And in that pause, many did create new relationships to work.

Big changes

Not only that. Employers today pay way more than before the pandemic, according to the article. People quitting created a worker shortage which raised wages. Workers meanwhile discovered their voices. More employees sought unionization. That included Amazon and Starbucks employees. Both companies were renown for resisting unions forming in their workplaces. Yet form they did.

So it’s fair to say the Great Resignation produced positive outcomes. Will they last though? That’s the question. Another question: will workers remember gains they achieved, especially when it matters?

Those quoted in the NYT article suggest another recession is coming. Employers, they say, will likely reduce wages and lay off workers. Labor-favorable gains may evaporate under recessionary pressures. How far that goes depends on employees willing to fight to keep gains they made.

It’s just the beginning

At Copiosis, we knew the Great Resignation wouldn’t last. There was no place people could turn to replace their income. And everyone in capitalism needs an income. Governments can’t replace incomes. Too many political leaders think people should work. People should earn their living, they say.

Well, we think different.

We think freedom is dominant on the planet. So is abundance. Abundance so great it can make work optional. But only if our economic frameworks organize themselves around that abundance.

That’s what the New World Order does. Copiosis reorganizes our factors of production in ways offering far more freedom than today. In Copiosis people needn’t work. But those who want to can.

For us the Great Resignation was a signpost. It told us people are getting ready. It also told us nature is on our side. Nature, through the pandemic, heralded circumstances which demanded extraordinary government actions. Those actions drove others. Others creating a mental shift.

That mental shift sowed seeds. Seeds now germinating in everyone. The right time for those seeds to sprout is coming. We’re watering the seeds. And we’re eager for the harvest.

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