How One Man’s Dream Creates The New World Order

Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

Nature is helping humanity move towards the New World Order. That order, of course, is Copiosis. We at Copiosis know everything on the planet facilitates our work. Even humans.

That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to read a Wired Magazine article recently. In it, the reporter wrote about a guy, Ralph Chami. He is passionate about putting a dollar value on nature in order to save it.

When I first read the article, I scoffed. The last thing we needed, I thought, was putting more of nature up for sale. Even if for good intentions.

But the more I read, the more interested I became. This Chami has kicked off the process that ultimately will support our effort to calculate Net Benefit Value (NBV) of every human act. Of course, other processes have already been defined. But Chami’s is even newer. And may help with more difficult calculations we’ll need to make.

Some Copiosis critics claim we can’t accurately calculate NBV of certain acts. I know differently, of course. Anything is possible. And while I don’t understand specifics of doing so, yes, I know others do. It’s from that knowing that I attracted this article. And Chami’s story.

The vast calculation community

The article describes Chami’s epiphany. During a close encounter with a Blue Whale, he began a crusade. He realized the sea and its inhabitants are largely responsible for absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. Far more than terra firma’s rain forests.

Chami worked for decades at the International Monetary Fund. There he helped stabilize markets in shaky places such as Libya and Sudan. His expertise lead him to basically do the same thing for nature. By developing carbon sequestration credits for Blue Whales and Mangrove Grass, Chami believes he not only could improve how we care for the sea, he can raise trillions of dollars to fund those efforts.

In a short time, according to the article, he attracted an entire ecosystem of organizations, governments and high net worth individuals similarly focused. Today, this syndicate is developing methods, means and measures for quantifying the sea’s carbon capture capability.

There’s still much to do. Carbon credits aren’t without their drawbacks. Detractors of the process abound. But this isn’t about perfection. It’s about process. Processes Chami got underway will inform our own methods here at Copiosis. Methods we’ll use to calculate NBV.

The New World Order: on the way

I love seeing the New World Order emerging. I love seeing people like Chami contributing what we’ll need. It’s refreshing knowing we don’t need all the answers right now. They’ll come as we prepare.

And we are preparing. They include getting ready for the vast influx of funding we’ve cued up from All That Is.

Some Copiosis critics claim our funding approach is wishful thinking. But I know differently. It’s no different from Chami showing up in my reality, offering technology we will also use when the time comes. Technology that will help us make real everything Copiosis promises. More such connections are forming. Even as we focus on funding. A lot of those connections All That Is is coordinating.

It’s so awesome seeing All That Is at work. Through Blue Whales, grasses, people and organizations, it’s helping create the New World Order. A fantastic future where we’re free of debt-based economies, oppressive market forces and government control.

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