The New World Order Doesn’t Fix Humans

An Israeli-Palestinian peace poster By I, Makaristos, CC BY-SA 3.0

We’ve created something remarkable at Copiosis. That’s why we call it The New World Order. It literally reorders human priorities. It aligns human actions with nature, thereby creating much more pleasant human societies.

But humans will be humans. Just as they’ve been for millions of years. Through that time, we’ve created long-lasting and chronic problems for ourselves. Problems such as prejudice, puritanism and predispositions saying “our way is the one right way”. Nowhere is all this more prevalent than in the Middle East. I’m specifically speaking of the Palestine-Israel area, but other areas in that region of the world too.

Sometimes people ask if Copiosis will solve these problems. The answer, of course, is “no”. Copiosis creates an economic framework. But that framework has limits on what it can do. While it can create freedoms impossible in our current frameworks, it can’t change human behavior.

The same goes for solving really big human problems. Copiosis doesn’t solve them. It does, however, make it easier to solve them. And yet, some problems will persist. In other words, it’s up to people to come up with their own solutions. No where is this more true than in the Middle East.

Getting people free

Struggles in the Middle East are literally age-old. The Israel-Palestine conflict shares that history. It’s not likely the entire world will embrace Copiosis. Not in my lifetime. And probably not in the next 100 years. Our mission is accomplished if just one nation embraces it. So we’re not out to solve geo-political problems.

One nation going Copiosis will create more problems. Especially if the First Nation is a major industrial one, which it most likely must be. Such a move will create significant global financial instability in the short term. A lot of international investors will go crazy. And for good reason. Initially, it will seem their investments are in big trouble. The entire financial system could potentially collapse.

But Copiosis isn’t about preserving wealth. It does that, but the main purpose is offering a freer future for people. Such a future depends on getting humanity off today’s financial system. That financial system served us well for a long time.

Copiosis is about creating real freedom. Nothing more.

But that same system has wreaked a lot of havoc. Long-run results appear to indicate an important truth. It has become quite clear the long-term effects of debt-based financial economies create more harm than good. Literal existential harm.

So freedom Copiosis offers isn’t about preserving wealth. Again, it does that. But that’s not the main purpose. The main purpose is freeing humanity from debt-based monetary systems, economic oppression and government control. None of that has anything to do with how people interact with one another.

Which brings us right back to the Middle East.

People must do it

Ultimately, situations in the Middle East and similar situations elsewhere are people problems. Yes, a lot of it involves resource allocation. It’s often about land, wealth, power, and control. Or what happened in the past. Our current system exacerbates such problems. So it’s likely people involved can solve such problems easier in Copiosis.

Copiosis will free people. So much so they’ll have more time and energy. More time and energy to think through solutions. Copiosis also frees people from desperation and scarcity thinking. It will relieve people of economic pressures. And it will make people richer.

That may allow certain groups more freedom. Freedom to focus more on what they have in common with their “enemies, rather than what divides them. Then, maybe, these groups can come together.

But that’s not going to happen everywhere. And it won’t happen immediately. It definitely won’t happen in places not yet embracing Copiosis.

That’s why we can’t promise a utopia. Copiosis does get close to that ideal. But it’s still far from it. Ultimately, people close that gap. They will decide. Their action will make utopia possible, or make it forever elusive.

The future is literally up to each of us.

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