Copiosis: Putting An End To MMT And Its Poor Function

Copiosis ends this silliness

This crazy image above excellently diagrams what today’s rickety, unstable international economic system is. An economic system requiring a Rube Goldberg infrastructure to keep it working. Let’s compare it with Copiosis, a far better, simpler wealth-creation process.

The infrastructure diagrammed in the picture above describes how Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) works. A lot of people think this is the future. It’s not.

What it is, is our now. MMT runs our economy. As a result, our economics suck. Sure, you might enjoy some material success. Maybe you’re rich, or of the middle class.

You’re likely still in debt though, still paying taxes, still paying for healthcare, still subject to national governments trying to reign in an economy that features near constant market failures, continually-increasing individual, business and government debt and, of course, increasing concentrations of wealth in minority hands…all these are hallmarks of today’s Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). They’re not bugs in the system. They are features.

I find it laughable proponents of this theory support it so stridently. This video, which you can also watch below, introduces the theory, claiming it’s the future, the way Millennials can change the world.

I find that not only ridiculous, but propagandistic. MMT is not revolutionary, nor is it very innovative. It’s a patchwork of subsystems, each one trying to prop up the other.

What I find super-funny is, near the video’s end the narrator admits it’s a Rube Goldberg Machine. Hear him say it right here. AND YET HE STILL SUPPORTS IT!

Copiosis ends this silliness
The graphic supposedly explaining Modern Monetary Theory. To us, it’s craziness. Too much complexity, too much debt, too much wage slavery. Why not free people instead?

Copiosis: A far better, simpler framework

Consider instead the process illustrated in our system, Copiosis, pictured below:

The basics of Copiosis creates freedom and a vibrant economy
A simple way to run human civilization.

For one, there’s no government, no fed, no taxes and no banks. Second, resources and rewards all flow in the same direction: towards consumers. There are no back and forths, no transactions at all, no currencies, no debt for anyone (including nations) and nearly every resource is provided with no costs attached. There also are no market externalities, no financial breakdowns at all and one hundred percent employment.

What’s more, everything humans need to thrive, they get at no cost to them. Meanwhile, providers of such goods and services get rich. Copiosis makes today seem barbaric. In the future, I think that’s exactly what people will say about MMT.

MMT proponents can’t think of a solution like this. That’s because, like many, they believe debt, cost, and paying for things are facts of life. But these things aren’t facts of life. They’re facts of economics, the field of study that keeps human beings enslaved in the system we have today.

MMT is NOT the future

Millennials can create the future. Not through MMT though. That just continues perpetuating what we have right now: More suck.

But we don’t have to wait for Millennials to figure Copiosis out. We’re already moving humanity towards the future, a future where MMT, capitalism, communism and socialism all get put where they belong: In the past.

Watch this crazy MMT video here if you want. Just don’t believe anything the narrator says, especially near the end. It’s crazy anyone would support this when we can do so much better. And we will, with Copiosis. Find out more about our innovation here.

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