One Ordinary Person Can Succeed Where Many Politicians Fail

Putin's regime is over, Copiosis is doing the same for other regimes. Empires are at their end.
Photo by Don Fontijn on Unsplash

Years ago I wrote a Copiosis series detailing Russia’s Aleksei Navalny’s successful democratic movement. We reposted the series in 2020. Here’s part one, two and three.

This morning (Jan 25, 2021) Navalny showed again the force he’s created in his self-admitted, single-handed intent to dismantle corruption, graft and the Putin empire. His is a force to be reckoned with.

After Putin’s failed assassination attempt, Navalny returned to Russia. Officials diverted his plane, intercepted him and put him in jail. Before disappearing behind bars, Navalny published a video urging his supporters to take to the streets.

Many wondered whether his supporters had the guts. Well, they did.

Copiosis creates freedom Navalny wants

This Podcast features an excellent recap of Navalny’s rise. I’ve said before in the three part series that Navalny is about a dozen years ahead of Copiosis. What he’s doing complements our work.  In that 12-year lead he demonstrates to the letter the same approach we’re taking to eliminate capitalism, socialism and communism, governments and earning a living, there by creating a world where everyone is richer and freer than ever before.

In case you’re unfamiliar with what we mean by “free”, here’s a recap. People today think they’re free. Especially Americans. People aren’t free though. As long as they must work to get what they need, they are shackled to the ball and chain that is earning a living.

In Copiosis, we define freedom specifically. And we’ve designed a planetary economics that gets people the freedom that is their right. Here’s how we define freedom:

In Copiosis, we mean free

Navalny is no saint. Few are, which is why saints have that title. But Navalny is an iconoclast. He’s tearing down the idol that is Putin’s regime. More now than ever, he has the Russian people behind him.

Soon, we’ll have the world behind Copiosis. In the same way Navalny shows Russian people that they are Russia, not its leaders, we show that people own their lives, not the state, not a market, not a Corporation, and certainly not politicians.

Navalny’s doing what American politicians can’t.

Copiosis makes it impossible for people like Putin to rule.
Navalny is putting an end to the Putin regime. (Photo by Don Fontijn on Unsplash)

As much as our leaders hew and cry about Russian meddling in our elections, they seem impotent to do anything about it. The cool thing is, Navalny’s got it covered. As an ordinary person charts Russia’s future, ordinary people are doing the same for the world. Copiosis is growing into a force to be reckoned with. That’s why I say it’s a done deal.

We’re using the same plan he’s using. It’s simple. We’ve put it in great detail here. In summary, it looks like this:

  • Spend a while to become the 20-year overnight success.
  • Use that time to understand the problem from a unique, powerful perspective.
  • Get specific with accusations.
  • Push an activist’s model others can emulate and that unifies and involves people.
  • Use the “Inclusion is the best defense against tyranny; they can’t arrest us all” strategy.
  • Be likable, seen as genuinely of the people and interested in their welfare.
  • Use the non-traditional media as your base of operations.
  • Let time and the system work in your favor.

I say this strategy works. It’s worked time and again. It’s working for Navalny and it’s working for us.

by P Gruber

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