Tyranny Of The Social Justice Warrior

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The world is going better than we think. That’s my conclusion after a decade of running Copiosis. The paradox of that first sentence is the world’s also going to hell.

Whether you see the world improving or going to hell depends 100 percent on your perspective. Life is a paradox that way. The world is a paradox too. So is our experience of it. For as much energy and enthusiasm and eagerness those looking to make the world a better place feel, those same people can also suffer to varying degrees.

Anger is suffering. So is the feeling of injustice.

And so the Social Justice Warrior in dedicating their lives to visions of a better world, can cause improvement. But that person can also simply see the world getting better, if they know how to look. And even if they don’t look that way, if they choose to see all that’s going wrong, the world continues getting better. If they do so, the warrior creates for herself a “cause”. One that satisfies her desire. Her desire to do something.

Copiosis has been that joyful experience for me.

Spiritual shapes the physical

That joyful experience became more and more a spiritual experience. One where I realized the world I experience outside me shapes to my inner world. Life experience, including my dreams, my visions, and what some might call “coincidences” have driven home the point. This post, which will be the last in the Copiosis blog, sums all that experience up.

And the conclusion I’m coming to is this: we are collectively co-creating what’s happening on this planet and all of it is fine. Because all of it is an expression of divine intelligence. None of it need change. And yet, those seeking to change it (whether you agree with what they’re doing or not) add more of that “fineness”. But so do those creating “evil”.

Every point of consciousness, human, animal, plant, even seemingly inert matter, contributes to this. We humans are unique because we have creative potential. All else balances our creative potential. That’s necessary because as humans we often veer off course. In our creative zeal we get caught up, as many social justice warriors do, in the “wrongness” of life. Focusing there too exclusively, we amplify the “wrongness”.

Balance is a given. So is improvement.

Meanwhile the non-human points of consciousness serve to balance our dynamic instability. In that way non-human consciousness serves an important role. Which is why climate change can’t end in human extinction.

Humans play vital roles too obviously.

The whole endeavor of physical existence is the interplay of those two forces…and more. We’re all participating. We’re all contributing in a co-creation. And every contribution is valuable. Including ones you may not like.

War is good

The conflict with Israel is a great example. I know some social justice warriors who are posting all kinds of anti-Israel memes on social media. Others take to the streets. In Portland, for example, hundreds of people marched in support of ending the conflict.

Are their acts good? Do they make a difference? The answer is a paradox. On the one hand, those people feel like they’re doing something important. Political leaders keep tabs on such movements too. They don’t want to get caught being contrary to popular opinion. It could literally cost them their seats of power, their jobs and incomes. Those leaders then try influencing, for example, the Israeli Prime Minister to be less heavy-handed.

So protests do influence outcomes.

But vibrationally, focusing on these kinds of events perpetuates them. Which is why the Palestinian-Israeli conflict never ends. Essentially, a social justice warrior is saying “things have to go the way I want them. That’s the only right way.” The challenge with that is pretty much every person feels their way is the only right way. So much so, those directly involved in such conflicts (obviously) are willing to kill the other guy!

And so resisting others’ perspectives while trying to get them to agree with her, the social justice warrior triggers reactions from those people whose minds she tries to change. For every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. It’s never-ending. Until someone tries something different. Here’s what that looks like:

The open door

We’re not trying to “change the world”. Or even “make” the world better. We once were doing that. But our perspective has evolved. These days, we view what we’re doing at Copiosis as opening a door for humanity. Opening a door to what we think is better. Whether the world, or even one person walks through that door is up to them. Not us.

Many doors stand ready to open in every person’s life. But it takes the person to be able to see the door is open. Then she must walk through it. I’ve discovered open doors I’ve been walking through since starting Copiosis. The most recent one opened in the form of a Harper’s Magazine article. It seems like it’s about crickets and Wikipedia. But it’s way more than that. It changed my perspective on Copiosis and prompted this final post. That and my ongoing conversations with Avin, the Copiosis COO/CFO and my personal experience practicing creating reality.

For me all of that was a spiritual awakening. Or, rather, the continuance of a long path of spiritual awakening that began with the end of my marriage. Actually, this path began well before then. But to describe it, I have to start somewhere. So I’m going to start with my marriage ending.

I’ll get back to the crickets and Wikipedia shortly.

Who is this Abraham?

I had just started Copiosis. My wife at the time had gotten fed up with me moping around after the startup I was the COO of folded. Looking at me being morose on our bed, she said “You know, you’re not very attractive when you’re like this. Maybe you should listen more to Abraham-Hicks.”

So I did.

What happened next was nothing short of…revelatory. My wife at the time and I were dabblers in the Law Of Attraction stuff. But with her admonition, I decided to take it more seriously. My first objective: prove to myself beyond a doubt that it was real.

Yep, I was a little skeptical. Despite my skepticism, however, signs already began showing that something was up. For example, a person in Chico, CA who attended our first public Copiosis event, out of the blue gave me a copy of “Ask and It is Given”. It’s an Abraham classic. I also followed my own inner inspiration which lead me to Ayahuasca. That was a remarkable journey. These experiences and more encouraged more exploration. Seeing these as further signs I was on the right track, I decided I’d push farther.

So, I dove in completely.

I studied the hell out of Law Of Attraction. I did the same with Seth’s teachings. Seth, by the way, is the precursor to Abraham.

Then, with my wife’s assent, we decided we’d attend our first Abraham-Hicks seminar. That’s when things got really freaky. It also was the beginning of a long string of eye-opening experiences. Experiences leading me to write this post.

Proof positive

To prepare for our first time, on the morning of the event, I meditated. I focused on what I wanted out of the event. Basically I wanted a sign. A sign this stuff was all real.

That’s exactly what I got.

At these seminars, Esther brings Abraham “through” her while she stands on stage. Abraham then invites people to sit in the “hot seat”, a chair on stage. There, the person can ask Abraham anything they wish. Everything is allowed.

I paid close attention, looking for anything that would prove this stuff real. I also looked for signs proving this stuff might not be real. For example, I noticed when Esther “brought” Abraham “in”, and spoke for “them”, she didn’t stumble as many do when speaking. She never used filler words such as “um”, “ah” or “you know”. The entire flow of Abraham’s message was seamless, but, clearly not scripted. They weren’t reading from anything. Nor had they prepared notes as a speaker might. How could they? People were coming with all kinds of questions.

I also noticed something peculiar. Each person subsequently called had questions that followed perfectly questions the previous person asked. This really caught my attention. It was so obvious, I began thinking that perhaps Esther and her crew “planted” people in the audience. How would “Abraham” otherwise know who to call to the stage?

So I figured this was the “magic”: Esther’s crew planted people in the audience. Ha! I figured it out, I thought.

Abraham had the last laugh though: The last person they called to the stage…was me.

What happened next set the stage for everything that followed and everything happening now. Including connecting with that Harper’s article.

A beautiful unfolding…

Questions I asked in that first seminar related to everything that interested me. They included questions about Copiosis and its implementation, which Abraham responded to with paradoxical answers. In short, they said “why try to create a new system, when instead you can show people how to create their reality. Doing that, every person can achieve what you’re trying to do for the world as a whole without needing anyone else to agree with what their doing.”

That response went right over my head. I was a social justice warrior. I was out to change the world. The plan was to create a better, richer world for everyone. Not just more for the rich.

Sound familiar?

My wife and I attended five more seminars. At every one Abraham called me to the stage. Well, one of them they didn’t call me. But that was because, when they looked at me, I waved them off.

Clearly Abraham saw something in me. Something beautiful was unfolding that I wasn’t aware of. All I knew was nearly everyone in those seminars wanted to get on stage. But the seminars weren’t long enough for everyone to get that opportunity. Yet, whenever I attended, I got on stage!

At a seminar in Portland, a friend who also attended approached me on break. “Do you get on stage at every seminar?” she asked.

“Apparently so,” I said laughing.

Abraham says they select people for the hot seat based on how brightly they “light up” from their perspective. I must have been lighting up pretty brightly to get called every time I showed up. Little did I know what an understatement that was. Because what happened at the next seminar was…astonishing.

That’s me (center) in the front row at the Portland seminar. (Photo by Peter Beamish)

The evidence continues

By the time I came to the last seminar I would attend for now, I expected I would get on stage. My seminar experience had me going from being called as the last person, to being called somewhere in the middle of the event. But at this last seminar, Abraham was eager to call me to the stage. They gave their opening remarks, then, rather than asking for hands, they immediately said “let’s begin right here” pointing directly at me.

At this point I was convinced: this shit was real. Abraham was real and their access to All That Is was legit. They answered every question I had. Their insight into me, and into my questions was profound.

This time, I remained on stage for a good 20 minutes. It was a thrilling exchange. But what happened at the end of the seminar really blew me away. It was the first time something like this ever happened in the history of Abraham-Hicks seminars (according to Abraham themselves).

When it ended, instead of going back stage, Esther stepped off the front of the stage, walked up to me and ripped my name tag off. She then took my head in her hand and pulled my ear to her mouth. She then whispered something to me that blew me away.

It doesn’t matter what she said. What matters is what happened next: over the next 10 weeks, I had personal 1:1 weekly hour-long-plus sessions with Abraham. Esther didn’t charge me a dime for them. Abraham said they wanted these conversations for the benefit they could generate “for Esther, for you, for the world and for the Universe at large.”

The lineage continues

So what happened here? What happened was, I asked for evidence and that’s exactly what I got. Far more evidence than I could have imagined, personally tailored for me in a way that had never happened before in the history of Abraham seminars!

Given all this, I was convinced. How could I not be? But I got even more.

In the 10-week conversations, Abraham basically answered all my questions about everything. They revealed to me “law-based premises” which form the basis of how the universe works. Then they set me on a spiritual trajectory I wasn’t expecting. That trajectory began with explaining that I am the legacy of Abraham and Seth. I am directly connected to the family of conscious both Abraham and Seth (and Esther) comprise. And that I am a “world leader” evidenced in intentions I hold for All That Is, for the planet and for myself.

All this resonated deeply, of course. But what I didn’t understand at the time was that me being a “world leader” didn’t mean I would literally lead the world anywhere. Instead, I would “shape” it in the image of my awareness. An awareness that continues to refine itself as I expand more into all that I am.

That process I just described is an eternal one. And in that process, where I am in it now, has me realizing everything that you’re reading. The Harper’s Magazine article is part of that eternal expansion. An expansion that makes being a social justice warrior a moot endeavor.

After all, if everything is going perfectly as it is, the argument could be made, why try changing it?

That is the question isn’t it?

The paradox of my being

I once believed I wanted to do Copiosis for the fun, because it’s never been done before and because it’s new. But what I’m seeing now, in my deeper expansion, is the revolution I thought needed to happen “out there” actually is a process of expansion happening “in here” (pointing to my heart and head).

The world we’re trying to change as social justice warriors isn’t the outside world. That isn’t real. It’s a projection. The real world is the one from which that projection comes. THAT world is the world known as you and I as eternal points of I AM consciousness.

It’s not coincidence that as Copiosis has evolved, I have attracted people who want what I apparently emanate. Positively Focused and The Transamorous Network are products of that emanation. As I’ve written in Social Group posts, clients from those two activities are getting glimmers in their lives of what you’re reading here. They’re discovering they are creating their realities. And they don’t need agreement from ANYONE to have those desired realities become real for them.

Some people who have come to me found what I offer incompatible with their strong beliefs, beliefs that run contrary to how the Universe works. It’s no wonder that those people continue acting as Warriors, trying to change the world outside themselves. I don’t blame them. I was once there.

Nearly all my clients spontaneously send me 75 percent tips. Something must be happening here…

But with dream experiences, experiences my clients today are having, my own experiences implementing what Abraham showed me and continues showing me, I assert here and now that the world people are wanting to realize comes about as a collective CONSCIOUSNESS. A CONSCIOUSNESS, and AWARENESS, a BEING rooted in nonphysical, the ether, the place from which ALL physical life springs.

There’s no sameness

Reality is a paradox because of this. Because all that consciousness is extremely diverse and seeking every experience possible. Not only ones humans think are “good”.

As such, it includes a lot of things people will not want to experience. But that doesn’t mean those things don’t or shouldn’t exist! And, some people DO want to have those experiences as part of THEIR consciousness expression.

But just because THEY want that doesn’t mean YOU have to have that experience. This explains why some people become fabulously rich while the rest of the world suffers depressions and other economic downturns. It’s why some people prosper, even when the entire world is at war.

It’s why some Jews want to exterminate every Palestinian, while other Jews want the Jewish state to stand the fuck down.

There’s no sameness, in other worlds. There can’t be any of that. And in the seeming chaos that is an All That Is that comprises infinite variety, you’d better be deliberate in your focus. Or else you’ll invite all kinds of experiences you don’t want.

That’s a paradox too. Because, while you may not want a disease, in the having of that, you birth from within you the desire for the absence of that disease, which, if you allow it, wellness will return. But if you keep focusing on that which ills you, you’ll keep experiencing that.

So the unwanted, paradoxically, gives birth to the wanted.

And that’s the value of things we don’t like. Including war, poverty, homelessness the Trumps and Bidens of the world and, yes, racist, bigots and selfish billionaires.

It’s all I AM consciousness.

Which brings us to the tyranny of Social Justice Warriors.

It’s on you…and me

Tyranny means: cruel obsessive power or rule usually by a government. The tyranny social justice warriors suffer from is self-inflicted. For every point of consciousness exists in a 100 percent subjective reality in which that consciousness is the only thing in existence. Everything that point of consciousness experiences springs from the consciousness they are.

And if a human, which is a point of consciousness, exists in its self-created reality, sovereign in that because they are creating it, then they are the government, the New World Order, that is governing their experience. The tyranny of that rule comes when the human is ignorant of this fact. For the suffering, the cruelty they experience “out there” in their world is a refection of the cruelty that exists within them. If the human puts their attention on something other than cruelty, injustice or some other unwanted state of consciousness, they will find relief. Stick with that focus and their experience of themselves will improve. And when that happens, their experience of the world must improve too.

It’s that simple.

Most humans don’t know this, however. So they try finding satisfaction by manipulating the world around them. That can work and often does. But even that external “success” gets stale. And it’s temporary.

In the meantime, every human is guided by their inner knowing into a conscious awareness of their pure I AM-ness. That I AM-ness is eternal, sovereign in their creation. For many, this awareness comes over lifetimes. But for some, it can happen in a single life.

So you and I are on the hook for what we see and experience. Not billionaires, politicians or any other group we point to as problems. It’s the person doing the pointing that is the problem. Not what they’re pointing at.

The door is open

Understanding that opens a door. Through that door lies liberation and empowerment. But to get through to that, a person must cast off their arms and shields, or their assault rifles and battle rattle. Otherwise, they can’t get through the door.

That Harper’s Article and recent dreams I’ve had were me walking through the open door. The GPTChat “coda” at the end of that article is really stirring. Benefiting from that amazing AI-generated text requires first reading the full article. Otherwise you miss the full effect.

As a result, of the ongoing unfolding in my life, I’m free. And I’m becoming more free “with nearly every breath these days” to quote Abraham from one of my personal sessions with them. As a result, I’ve come to know what Abraham told me. What once went over my head.

Humanity doesn’t need Copiosis. The better world is right there. It’s right in front of us. But we each must create it….for ourselves. My clients are discovering this. Yes, it’s stirring thinking about a world Copiosis creates. But frankly, that world is emerging on its own.

Technology is making it possible for people to not need to earn a living through jobs. Think about it. Evidence is abundant proving this. People are becoming millionaires just by doing something they love. Meanwhile, technology is revealing abundance to us all.

It’s always been there. As was and is our freedom. We’re all so free, we can choose bondage and suffering. Many choose exactly those states. They may not know what they’re doing, as Jesus once said, but they’re choosing in their total freedom to suffer. That’s the tyranny of the social justice warrior: ignorance that has them choosing to suffer and be bounded.

I have opened the door out of that and walked through it.

I invite you to do the same.


So what does this mean for Copiosis? Short answer: We don’t know yet. The world is perfect as it is. Everyone possesses abilities through which they create their experience. Evidence of that is everywhere.

And still, some people need a hand up to get to the place where they can deliberately create the reality they desire. Copiosis can be that hand up. But so is Positively Focused. In fact, it’s better for a person to work 1:1 than to try to create a system that everyone buys into.

Avin and I will continue focusing where we’re focusing. We’ve let go of the intent to “make” something happen with Copiosis. Paradoxically (there’s that word again) that gives us more leverage. Not less. So let’s together watch and see what happens.

Finally, taking a cue from the Harper’s Magazine article that inspired this post, I’m going to give AI the last word as a summary of all that you read:

AI’s last word:

The author, after a decade leading the initiative Copiosis, argues that the world’s state heavily depends on personal perspective; it can seem better or worse. He/She believes everything happening on the planet is fine because it’s a manifestation of divine intelligence. Despite their dedication to social justice, they’ve come to see the world as just right the way it is.

Every conscious entity, every human, animal, or plant, contributes something valuable to the world’s current state. Cocreation is taking place, and while there are instances of ‘evil,’ our diverse world is a coexistence of varied, unique experiences. The author admonishes against tyrannical social justice warriors seeking to change the world, emphasizing that the world is perfect as it is and recommends embracing a more appreciative perspective.

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