How People Make Miracles Happen When They’re Free

Photo by Hanna Zhyhar on Unsplash

It’s amazing how many examples exist TODAY proving we can live in a better world. One where people are actually free, that is. By “free” we mean no longer having to earn a living. And no longer having to pay for what they need. Oh, and, being free to do whatever they want. Even if that means doing nothing.

Because doing nothing, is doing something.

The example flooring us this week is an account of how the US made history just two years ago. It was at the beginning of the COVID pandemic. America’s response was nothing short of a moon shot. And, just like back in the 60s, Americans not only rose to the occasion, they accomplished what no nation had before. Just like how we landed on the moon.

The main thing making that possible was this: America put aside capitalist ideals. It embraced abundance – money was literally no object – and various industrial sectors came together to perform a feat rarely seen anywhere.

That’s why they made history.

But in Copiosis, this kind of event won’t be making history. It will be commonplace. That’s because conditions everyone worked under to make America Great during a global health catastrophe, are baked into Copiosis.

So let’s look at what happened briefly. Then talk about how the amazing becomes commonplace.

Everything is possible

Many knew in high-echelon places that COVID meant big trouble. Especially people in the Defense Department and the US Pharma industry. These two industries played huge roles in the US COVID response.

Specific people in pharma knew they could rapidly produce vaccines. Vaccines that could protect Americans. It was as though these people came into the world perfectly timed to leverage their expertise. The same was true for people in the US Army.

Why the Army? What was it about this pandemic that required military involvement?

The answer was: the solution wasn’t about vaccines. It was about mobilization and logistics. Coordinating a huge number of disparate moving parts was key. Many of them spread all over the globe. And, with much of the international trade functions stalled due to COVID, only the military had the ability to act. And act fast.

All that fast action though, would cost a lot. Everyone knew that. Everyone also knew cost had to not be a factor.

That’s why everybody involved, at all levels, tried something unheard of: Nothing would matter. Not money, not manpower, not resource limitation. No matter what, these people agreed, this needed to happen. And it didn’t matter how much it cost. Or who it cost.

To quote the article: “[one leader of the effort] realized that the world needed a way to support the development and manufacture of vaccines that didn’t depend on publicly traded companies trying to maximize shareholder value”

Profits, therefore, went out the window.

And this is why Copiosis makes this kind of endeavor commonplace.

The rest is history

We all know what happened next, but it’s fun reading the Vanity Fair account. The behind-the-scenes details are captivating. In short, the US was the first country to create, trial, produce and distribute vaccines to its citizens. Doing so, moreover, in unprecedented time. Never before had a vaccine gone from the drawing board to distribution so fast.

And the key things making that happen was getting rid of capitalist thinking.

Which is exactly what Copiosis does.

In Copiosis there are no costs. Or profits. Furthermore, the more Net Benefit Value (NBV) one creates, the more Net Benefit Rewards (NBR) one receives. That means Copiosis inspires everyone to do things that benefit people. The planet too.

Since costs don’t exist, resources are more readily available. And, assuming resource owners distribute their resources prudently, a lot more happens than today. That’s because if you can’t pay for resources today, you don’t get them.

Not so in Copiosis.

The benefit of abundance

Copiosis really does unleash abundance. And isn’t that what happened with US Pharma execs and the Army generals? They accepted that, no matter how much it cost, no matter what resources were needed, vaccines would be developed and distributed.

That’s de facto abundance. Abundance makes everything possible. And, abundance is the state in which we exist. Only our beliefs blind us to this. Beliefs we’ve let become manifest. Manifest in the form of an economic system based on scarcity. A system that glorifies scarcity.

Time to let that go.

Further, let’s embrace abundance that is our natural state. Copiosis does this. The moon shot that was the US COVID response can be our daily experience. Moving to Copiosis, for sure, is another moon shot. It’s not something happening every day.

But we’ve proven to ourselves we can do such things. So let’s do it again.

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