Did the Boomer Generation Get It Right Again?

I read an article about JFK’s assassination a few weeks ago. The article revealed details we didn’t know about back when US government officials investigated the president’s murder. Given these new details the Boomer Generation may have nailed it: we can’t trust government.

That article goes into great detail. It points to flaws in the government’s investigation. The official report it shares also uncovers outright falsehoods, misdirections and literal obstruction of justice that happened during the investigation.

Now, as though to underscore the point, film maker Rob Reiner launched this month a new podcast. It investigates these same details. So if you prefer listening to reading, the weekly podcast may be your cup of tea. I find it fascinating.

In that show Reiner claims the assassination involved four people, not one. Reiner will name those four men in the final episode. The article linked above doesn’t go that far.

So now we have two events showing why we can’t trust government. The first came earlier this year during a Congressional hearing on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). Now there’s this rehash of a JFK’s assassination conspiracy and coverup.

Nothing is all bad, right?

And yet, I still can’t claim our government is evil. Next week we’ll share an inspiring story. It shows how the US Government pulled of a stroke of genius saving millions of lives and setting an historic record in the process.

So we can’t claim government is all bad. It does do great things. Many of those things we take for granted. We don’t notice them therefore. Those good things don’t outweigh the bad government does, however. And they don’t mean we shouldn’t try to create a better governance model, either.

Copiosis offers something that may work better. Better than our current government forms, I think. For one, Copiosis’ alternative costs nothing to run. So people needn’t pay taxes. Secondly, anyone may contribute to functions within this new model. We call that Stigmergy. That makes this model non-partisan. Most important though, because it isn’t subject to whims of a two-party system, Copiosis’ alternative can get things done our current two-party system cannot.

State secrets still. Just not as many.

As we said in that previous UAP post, there still will be state secrets. Secrets that must remain secret. Names and identities of covert operatives functioning overseas must remain covert. Domestically, investigators and other law enforcement officers working undercover also need to remain secret. Their lives depend on these secrets. And, much of what they uncover in secret saves American lives too.

I don’t know if we’ll ever get to the bottom of the JFK assassination. But one thing is clear. Given this article, the podcast and the UAP hearing, government can’t be trusted as much as I once thought.

But, like most people, I’m too focused on what I’m doing to watch the government. Nor do I have enough leverage to hold government officials accountable. Which is why we need a better system. One that can free up potential whistleblowers and watch dogs. So they can do that great work for the rest of us. The New World Order can make it way easier for individuals to hold others accountable too.

And keep those with great responsibility acting responsibly.

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