Are Aliens Bringing The New World Order?

Photo by Albert Antony on Unsplash

The US government earlier this year showed why money, markets and government must go. And why Copiosis offers something better.

A House Oversight panel held a hearing on UAPs (unidentified anomalous phenomena). Witnesses offered compelling testimony. Not only did they reveal a cover-up underway, but also a conspiracy. A conspiracy involving military contractors and the Department of Defense.

According to these witnesses, these alleged conspirators kept Americans in the dark about how much they actually know about UAPs. And they’ve done so for decades.

How much do the conspirators know?

Apparently, a lot. According to witnesses, they’re reverse-engineering alien technology. Technology they’ve had since long ago. They also possess “biological evidence”. Non-human remains, in other words. That’s exactly what 70s-era “crackpots” and “kooks” said they had.

Witnesses also said conspirators systematically coerce, threaten and even physically harm whistleblowers. One witness alluded to some people even being murdered. The hearing was high drama!

As we all know, folks have screamed “cover-up” around UFOs for decades. It was stunning hearing their assertions validated by credible witnesses. Witnesses that included two distinguished military veterans and an intelligence operative.

These witnesses claim conspirators are secretly using taxpayer money to fund their programs. They’re redirecting taxes approved for legal activities to fund their illegal activity.

The entire hearing was phenomenal. Watch the whole thing here.

We come in peace?

But it wasn’t all good stuff. A big disappointment was how everyone interpreted UAPs as threats to National Security. UAP sightings most often occur around our military bases and operations. UAPs also show up at our nuclear facilities. Whenever we try targeting them with sensors, UAPs “jam” those sensors. It’s clear then their technology is more advanced than ours.

But does that make them a threat? Everyone in the hearing believed so.

But there are peaceful explanations.

Just because their tech appears superior doesn’t make UAPs threats. How do we know, for example, they don’t come in peace? Perhaps they examine our weapon systems and nuclear facilities for other reasons. Maybe they’re learning how advanced we are. Maybe they think we’re ready to join their intergalactic community.

It’s rare for beings of any kind to attack other beings unprovoked. That’s proven throughout the animal kingdom. Here’s a great example, where Orcas encountered a lone swimmer off the Australian coast. Note they don’t try to eat the person. They’re curious. Not violent.

So here we have perhaps a clear sign of extraterrestrial life in these UAP sightings. And what does our government want to do? React in fear. Consider them a threat. Without even trying to talk to them!

Creating a transparent world

It’s likely conspirators see massive money-making potential here. Covering up their findings can be lucrative. After all, today’s governments need weapons. And military contractors need new technologies. Technologies that create new and better weapons. So we can stay ahead of our enemies. militarily.

Keeping advanced alien tech under wraps is good business therefore. Especially if you can reverse-engineer it. Then create new weapons from it.

In Copiosis, people work together openly. Everyone pretty much knows what others do. It’s all recorded in people’s Reputation Accounts. Powerful incentives also compel transparency.

Most acts create Net Benefit Value (NBV). And creating NBV triggers Net Benefit Rewards (NBR) to those responsible. No one gets their NBR though if we don’t know what they’ve done.

Of course, some secrets must remain so. Secrets keep people alive. They also let us know what others are thinking. Others who might want to harm us. But hearing witnesses conceded that our government goes overboard in keeping secrets.

What if that alien tech could do more than create more weapons? What if it can end fossil fuel dependence? Or make space travel practical? What if it lead to new medical advances? Or extended life on Earth?

In today’s world, keeping secrets pays. But in the New World Order, sharing openly does. There will still be secrets. But not as many as today.

That’s because the more people innovating off one idea, the more NBR everyone gets. That’s what makes Copiosis such a great system. The more people win, the better.

Are UAPs friend or foe? We don’t know (Photo by Albert Antony on Unsplash)

We can do better

But with money, markets and government, we can’t maximize benefit to all. Instead we get benefit-disparity. We get a lot benefit. But not as much at the bottom as those at “the top”.

We can do better than that. Those at “the top” still enjoy their wealth in Copiosis. But their enjoyment doesn’t come at the expense of the rest. In Copiosis, there’s so much room at “the top”, everyone who wants to can get there. With resources available at no cost to anyone, getting there isn’t anywhere near as hard as it is today.

Which is why thinking about the New World Order is so fun. It’s a world without government, without markets and without money. With all that behind us, we’ll share more. We’ll be more open and transparent. And more prosperous. We’ll also find ourselves in a world where conspiracies are unnecessary. Because there’s no advantage in conspiring really. Not like today.

The New World Order also nurtures whistleblowers. Some people want to be scoundrels. It’s good other people also want to blow whistles on such people.

So what happens next with UAPs? Hopefully our government will do the right thing. History shows it doesn’t always. Let’s hope that in this case it does.

And who knows? Perhaps the aliens will show they mean us no harm. And what if their society, wherever it is, runs on something like Copiosis?

That would indeed be a revelation. Wouldn’t it?

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