US Healthcare major problem say Americans

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In 2017, Americans said “government” was the biggest, most important problem facing the US.

Earlier this month I wrote about how Americans place “government” number one on their list of “important problems facing the US”. What I didn’t write about was the second most important problem Americans think we need to deal with: Healthcare.

Take a look at the table above. It shows nearly 20 years of survey results about top problems Americans say are “most important”. You’ll see government, the economy and jobs are frequent problems, but healthcare only appeared one other time in almost 20 years.

With “government” at number one and “healthcare” in the number two slot, it seems we are in interesting times relative to what Americans think are problems needing solving. We know already that most young Americans prefer socialism over capitalism. They haven’t been fed constant propaganda about how “great” capitalism is. They can see massive evidence to the contrary.

We don’t have a dog in that fight. Neither capitalism or socialism are good ideas. They were once. But not anymore.  And, since Copiosis can solve both socialism’s and capitalism’s shortcomings with compelling future solutions, it’s no wonder more people are beginning to take long hard looks at what we’re doing. Some are even giving us money to make it happen.

That’s awesome.

I also think the other pressing problems which show up on the list: jobs, the economy and political violence (war) are just as handily solved through a Copiosis system as government and healthcare.

Capitalist propaganda and the vilification of socialism are both going by the wayside. Time to stop looking to the past for ideas and trying to preserve the status quo when the status quo is clearly beginning to show signs of frailty. Thankfully, the magnitude of humanity’s problems are reaching critical mass just as an idea that can solve them all is becoming increasingly well-known.

How’s that for perfect timing?

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