Copiosis to change…for the better

I spoke with an attorney. We talked about securing Copiosis’ future.
I think about the future. A lot. It’s one way I ensure Copiosis’ mission-focused remains Job One. Keeping that focus includes choosing a mission-supportive business entity, one that can take Copiosis into the future.
Right now, Copiosis is a sole proprietorship with me as the sole owner. I chose that structure for several really good reasons.
However, I get that as it becomes more well-known, people will want assurance Copiosis’ mission remains pure and our activities and decisions remain aligned to that mission. They also are going to want some kind of transparency. They are not going to simply take my word for it. Nor will my personal actions be enough.
Thankfully, there are certification processes and structures that can provide transparency those assurances.
That said, Copiosis must remain nimble, fast-moving and focused on its unique approach: its tried and true strategies and science-based approaches balanced with strategies and processes that must be described as “spiritual”.
This balance is so critical, it is a major reason why I as Copiosis’ founder have refused (and will continue to refuse for the foreseeable future) to share oversight, directive and creative control over all aspects of Copiosis: the vast majority of people on the planet have no idea how important this balance is, or how it actually works. So how can they offer value to our decision making processes when they don’t understand what we’re doing or how we’re doing it?
So, with assistance from the attorney I spoke with, I will soon update Copiosis’ business framework from a sole proprietorship, to a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). This framework allows the broadest structural flexibility while allowing me to retain creative control over all aspects of the organization, including its IP. But it also allows room for appointing future leaders who have the grit and grounding in our approach and strategies to join me in directing Copiosis as corporate partners. And it qualifies us for the other change to Copiosis, which will help the public trust us.
As a LLC, Copiosis will be eligible to apply for and receive B Certification. The legal advice I received indicates this is the best third-party certification demonstrating to the public that Copiosis is being managed in a socially-responsible, public-benefit-first-manner. It also creates a framework which protects the mission from potential investor desires to put “profits” over “mission” in the event we take on investors, which at this point is highly unlikely.
This is all pretty boring stuff. But I wanted to communicate to you as we move into 2018 that some momentous structural changes will happen. While it’s mostly procedural and structural, it’s also important.
Thanks for reading.

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  1. I’m glad you’re taking all these precautions! You being a sole proprietor, that’s a lot of “weight’ on ya!

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