People Like This Will Love The New World Order

Photo by Patino Jhon on Unsplash

Some people already live like Copiosis exists. They do things to help others because it feels good. They don’t expect remuneration. Helping others reflects how they see themselves.

Such was the case with this news report out of Portland, Oregon. The city last week saw some of the highest snowfalls in decades. Snowfalls which snarled traffic overnight. Those snarls left some stuck in cars and trucks for over 12 hours.

Jon Gilbert saw opportunity in all that snow. While drivers froze stuck in their cars, Gilbert spent the entire night helping over 20 of them get their cars – and children – safely home.

“It’s just kind of who I am,” Gilbert said to a KGW news team. “Every time there’s a big snowstorm and ice storm, I’ll just throw the service light on and some tow straps and shackles and just try to help everybody I can.”

Good deeds create net benefit

Such acts nearly everyone can take. When they do, they get paid in Copiosis. Eventually, people doing things like this create nice income streams for themselves. This can only happen in the New World Order Copiosis creates. In today’s world, money comes from other people’s pockets. And unfortunately, many people don’t see monetary value in acts like Gilbert’s. They think, at most, thanks is enough. Or maybe public recognition.

But in Copiosis people like Gilbert who follow their passions get rewarded Net Benefit Rewards (NBR). NBR replaces money in Copiosis. Just as money comes into the world whenever debt gets created, NBR comes into existence whenever people create Net Benefit Value (NBV). Unlike money, NBR doesn’t come from another person. Instead, it gets created out of nowhere. So no one loses their NBR when another gets some.

That represents a cool feature of Copiosis. A feature unmatched in any system existing today.

Any act producing more benefit than harm merits an NBR allocation. And I’d say freeing 20 people from a blizzard between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. produces more benefit than harm! So anytime Gilbert takes his truck and tow straps out to help in a snowstorm, he can expect to receive NBR. Even more so when people praise his assistance, as they did in the news article.

Better than just thanks

And, so long as those benefits keep occurring, the actor keeps getting their NBR stream. Does Gilbert’s act merit recurring NBR? I don’t know. Clearly though, he created way more benefit than just saving people’s lives and property. He also helped clear the city’s highways. That helped make those not stuck get home safer too. His assistance relieved emergency crews from needing to respond. That also benefitted the city.

So though his reward may not recur, the amount of the reward might be higher than we expect. It depends on the Copiosis algorithm’s input variables. Either way, not bad for a night’s work. Work done out of passion and a desire to help others!

Yes, it’s nice receiving thanks from others when you do something that helpful. Sometimes, good samaritans just want that. And, if that’s all you want, in Copiosis you’ll get that. But you’ll also get a nice bump in income, which you can use on luxury items Producers make. Luxury items which inspire extrinsically motivated people to do things. Things like what Gilbert here intrinsically did.

Copiosis offers so many distinct benefits over Capitalism, Communism or any other “-ism”. Most of all, it vastly expands which human actions merit receiving “income” for. And in doing that, is solves a crap-ton of our current problems.

That’s what makes this New World Order something people will clamor for. Once they really understand what Copiosis offers, they’ll see it as the future. A bright future. Not just for humanity, but the planet too!

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