I’m Thrilled With The Way Copiosis Is Happening

Photo by Afif Ramdhasuma on Unsplash

I’m super stoked, actually. Our plan for allowing Copiosis into everyone’s reality is not only working, it’s also fun and easy. Even I’m surprised how easy it’s turning out. The more focus I bring to our approach, the more success I see. So the billions we’ll need to fund Copiosis’ transition is a done deal.

I just finished two esoteric practices. I’m using them to produce a better life for me, and also allow the money funding Copiosis’ future to show itself. These practices bring me so much joy when I do them. But more important for our transition, evidence I am producing shows the practices work.

Skepticism: not your friend

Hardly anyone believes what I’m doing works. Most call it all kinds of derisive names. But I know such people don’t put what they think impossible to a rigorous test. So they really don’t know what they’re talking about.

Note I didn’t write “put it to a scientific test”. That’s because science’s perspective on such matters disqualifies it from testing such matters. That’s because science disbelieves such practices are real. And if a person believes such practices don’t work, they create a reality where the practices don’t work.

So skepticism and doubt are not your friends. Neither is disbelief. Not if you’re wanting to know if what I am doing works. Doubt, skepticism and disbelief work against any attempt to prove esoteric powers as real. Let alone using them for practical purposes.

That’s because the Universe functions on the principle of reflection and attraction. The Universe always reflects directly the inner state of any point of consciousness. As humans, our thoughts and beliefs create that “inner state”. So the world we see as individuals always represents a reflection of our individual thoughts and beliefs.

Therefore, if the person doesn’t believe something is possible, they not only can’t produce the something, they won’t even try to. Because the Universe will reflect “impossibility” to that person, leaving that person with no interest in testing the impossibility.

The Universe thrives on diversity

Meanwhile, people like me experience all kinds of evidence proving what I’m doing as working. Indeed the power available to me is immense and unlimited. That’s why, long ago, I wrote “we know how to manufacture luck”. Back then “we” meant me alone.

Now, however, I enjoy the fun of doing what I’m doing with a small group of others, similarly oriented to developing these enormous, esoteric powers. They too are producing convincing evidence. And so, I’m enjoying seeing what I’m doing confirmed by others.

Those others are not Perry mini-me’s. They come from different backgrounds. They have different perspectives. Each one is a unique individual. So this group isn’t about creating copies of me or people who think the way Perry does.

Indeed, our diversity is our strength. And through that strength we are amplifying results. Results convincing all of us the spiritual process underlying our transition plan is working. I’ve always said, the transition is mental. These days, I’m surprising myself with my prescience.

With all the evidence that the world is getting ready, and with evidence our esoteric practices are working, how can I not be thrilled with our transition? Everything is going the way I planned. I love it.

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