Better Futures Need New, Unique Ways To Get There

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Long ago, Peter Joseph said something about Copiosis that remains as accurate today as it did back then. He said what we’re doing – and probably more accurately, how we’re doing it – is “diametrically opposed” to The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) philosophy.

I agreed with that statement then and I still agree today. That’s because what we’re doing, and, more importantly HOW we’re doing it, is unique. We are creating a new reality.

But how we’re doing it sets us apart. This post describes that how.

Nearly everyone in our ecosystem knows the saying erroneously attributed to Albert Einstein. It goes:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Regardless who said it, the point is clear. The New World Order that is Copiosis is a different result. We can’t create the New World Order the way humanity created everything else. We can’t be relying on human intelligence only. Nor can we depend on a fanatical adherence to science. Or an obviously inaccurate belief in a reality independent of human consciousness.

Success: guaranteed

Our approach includes some science. But it relies more heavily on timeless ideals. Ideals known to ancient civilizations and peoples. Scientists, atheists and intellectuals scoff at such ideals. And yet those same people know next to nothing about them. They also don’t know how they work.

I dedicated my life up to now living these ideas. Given my personal experiences, I know they work. They also prove true when implemented by my clients.

These ideas form Copiosis’ “fundamental philosophy”. Our transition depends on them. While some call them “New Age”, they hardly are that. These ideas predate science. They predate “human” consciousness. In fact, human consciousness sprang from such ideas. Everything else has too.

These ideas offer GUARANTEED results. Indeed, we’ve already seen that promise bear out. People perfectly suited for Copiosis arrive in perfect timing. Novel funding sources have come forward, again with perfect timing. Needed tools and equipment have also appeared.

The New World Order is Copiosis. And it’s happening. Guaranteed. Right now.

What we need exists

People like Joseph may not agree results we see represent valid proofs. They may not agree our approach is effective. But their agreement isn’t necessary the ideas say. In the meantime, results keep coming.

The results will keep coming, say these ideas, with the least possible resistance and conflict. Indeed, these age-old ideas say whatever we want MUST happen so long as we stay true to the ideas. So far, in doing that, we’ve produced results exactly what the ideas say. That’s why I’m convicted to stay true. The ideas work. And they’ll continue working.

No human being will ever do more than what Source does behind the scenes on any endeavor. Source, the origin of All That Is, responds to our intents and desires. That’s what’s happening with Copiosis.

All the preliminary, earthly components necessary for Copiosis’ implementation now exists.

I’ve never been as blunt about all this as I am now. I’m explaining the “how” behind Copiosis’ transition. That which Joseph knew made us different.

In the past I called it our “fundamental philosophy”. Today, I’m being more transparent. It’s time to acknowledge the “how” of our transition. It’s time to give credit where it’s due.

All the preliminary, earthly components necessary for Copiosis’ implementation now exists. These include our system architecture (pictured below), a working software application, connection to existing databases and secured demonstration project locations. We also need equipment, tools and such to build out demonstration project locations. Then we need municipal and industrial vertical project participants. Finally we need a robust, skillful team that can manage all the above. But all these needs showing up depend on one thing also showing up.

The Copiosis Core Team is turning its focus towards that as or main priority.

Show me the money

That thing is money and a lot of it. Preliminary budgets suggest we’ll need about $1.7 Billion USD to build out Copiosis’ fully-functional DEMONSTRATION components. We’ll need more money to complete the transition. Governments will give us our final funding. Once demonstration projects prove Copiosis can work, humanity will support it. Just as it has supported electric cars, information technology and indoor plumbing.

All this money is on the way and I see evidence of it everywhere. Seeing the evidence requires that “diametrically opposed” approach. The approach based on age-old wisdom. It is an approach rarely if ever used deliberately these days. That’s why so many don’t understand what we’re doing.

This “diametrically opposed” approach will bring us funding with no strings attached. So the Core Team’s primary objective right now is leveraging that approach even more.

Last year I significantly winnowed down the Core Team to a select few people. The criteria successful members met was an alignment 100 percent, or nearly so, to this “diametrically opposed” approach.

The final component of our solution is on the way.

Making it personal

We now enjoy a small team, functioning completely within ideals stipulated in this age-old wisdom. Together we now act as a Master Mind, tuning ourselves into the pure focus required to bring about the funding. We’re not fully there yet. Were we there, the money would show up. But we’re getting closer.

I’ll reiterate: we’ve already seen examples of our approach working numerous times. That evidence has every Core Team member committed. That commitment will bring us our results.

That commitment means putting the approach to work in our personal lives. This willingness was a key requirement of Core Team participation. Now, with four people making that personal commitment, we’re fully set to create the future.

I recognize asking such a personal commitment is HUGE. Which is why I was deliberate about allowing each candidate to say they’re in or out. Volunteers comprising our current Core Team represent a tight, cohesive and committed group. Already each member is realizing, in their own lives, the immense possibilities this approach promises. That strengthens their belief that the approach works. And that adds momentum to realizing desired outcomes.

Becoming uncompromising

Again, all the money we need exists. Core Team members, with leverage from All That Is, are drawing that money to us. We must bring 100 percent commitment to this. We must be uncompromising. An uncompromising commitment triggers the desired response from Source. It’s that desired response which had us recently make a change in our course.

As many following Copiosis know, we created a relationship in recent years with a new organization. That relationship appeared in perfect timing. Its appearance was evidence of everything you’re reading. That entity invited us to participate in a funding mechanism they’re creating. The mechanism promised near unlimited funding for our implementation efforts. Over time, however, that organization put in place understandable stipulations and controls over who would get that money.

We must be true to our path. We’re about REAL freedom. Not meeting another organization’s criteria to get what we want.

At the same time, the consciousness that is Copiosis, flowing through me primarily, but also through Core Team members went in opposite directions. We’re committed to freedom, abundance, open systems and joy as the basis of life and as a basis for our transition approach. We decided therefore, that significant variations between Copiosis and this funding organization exists. The variations are so great we realized a continued relationship no longer felt right. Instead, we are trusting everything we require – the resources, the people, the properties, additional innovations and the money – is flowing and will continue flowing in divine timing.

Trusting that, seeing evidence of it happening in the past, we have walked away from that funding opportunity. Closing that door, we now opened a new door. A door through which will come money with no strings attached. This decision we know triggered Source’s next response.

And so we stand, ready to receive.

More and better on the way

There’s far more to say about all this than I can put in this post. Walking away from that funding was not easy. Not until we realized our decision felt better than staying aligned with that organization. It felt better because we know a better funding source is on the way.

The Core Team and I are therefore excited. We know Copiosis is a done deal. I’ve said this over and over. When I commit to a certain course the Universe lines up behind me supporting me on that course.

“Support” includes things most people believe impossible. But when it comes to Source, everything is possible. But first, I must commit. The other Core Team members agree. One Core Team member summed up our collective commitment well:

“[This decision] feels in complete and full alignment and in service to this evolutionary movement that requires this level of freedom, sovereignty, open system, integrity and alignment. I feel more excited for the unfolding.”

Going forward then, the Core Team owns the unfolding of Copiosis at this point. We’re doubling down on what Joseph said so long ago. Our “diametrically opposed” approach works. It is working. It is our badge of honor. And I expect more and better results are on the way.

Perry Gruber, Copiosis Founder

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