New Year’s Greatness, Copiosis Style

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It’s a new year and Copiosis is ready for it. It took almost 10 years getting here. The last pieces falling into place – catalyst funding and the right environment in which to plant our seeds – now show themselves. That’s why the future looks so bright.

Feels like a long journey over those nearly 10 years. But it also feels like hardly any time passed at all. Ten years. The blink of an eye our past represents means nothing. Not compared to the epoch emerging. That new era readies itself as our collective reality. The only questions: Is humanity prepared for it? Are you prepared?

I was literally born prepared.

Our funding: in place

As a child I knew I’d create something significant. I didn’t know what though until I completed the 27-year preparatory process that was my Game A career. That near-three decade journey catalyzed what I knew coming into the world: that great improvement could exist. And that I would be the one catalyzing improvement unique to my perspective.

Many people co-create this experience with me. Many of those people have come and gone, but they remain ongoingly co-creating it from nonphysical. More people stand cued and ready for future co-creations. But the most significant elements exist here, now.

That includes people like Donald Trump, Kyle Rittenhouse, Derek Chauvin and George Floyd.

Another is our strategic partner Higher Status Global, helmed by Mark Kane. Higher Status Global exists as a manifestation, a co-creation of my long-held intent that Copiosis would benefit from all the funding it needs. We would not rely on neither equity nor debt funding. Instead, we’d create our own unique funding streams from nothing.

Now that that partnership has materialized, here is another assertion equally as bold as what I made many years ago when I said we’d create our own funding: Copiosis will be a trillion dollar organization.

Me in Game A. Living the international corporate executive life while traveling through Japan.

The New World Order

That funding and valuation will all be used to create the reality that is a global Copiosis system, thereby creating a “New World Order” (that’s right, I used that term). The New Order is one where all people are free from debt-based economies, socio-economic domination, and government control. In that new world, the planet is completely restored. The New World Order isn’t some dystopian, homogenous hell. It’s also not Utopia. Nor does it erase inequality. We’ve explained why here. The New World Order offers co-existence to everyone.

That means conflict, struggle and pain will still exist. For many, such experiences represent paths through which they become better people. Such paths make greater human civilization better too.

Some might say, “then what’s the problem with the world today? Seems like that’s what you’re describing.”

What differentiates what we’re creating as the New World Order, and what exists today, or what people fear when they hear those three words, is, in the New World Order, humans will live free from debt-based economies, socio-economic domination, and government control. Can you say that’s the case today?

I can’t. Not from a physical reality perspective.

Again, The New World Order is not utopia. That said, it will feel different in the extreme, living in the New World Order. Because of this, people are going to struggle at first with figuring their shit out. For many, it will be the first time they’ll face doing that.

What “figuring their shit out” looks like will be different for each person. And that’s why The New World Order is not utopia.

We must think more broadly about where our future and our desires meet. Utopia is a pejorative. We’re not creating “utopia”. We’re creating the future where our highest desires and the future meet.

Humanity: getting ready

Humanity collectively is going through figuring its shit out right now. But not every person comprising “humanity” is at the same level of figuring their shit out. That means, everything we’re seeing in the world today represents people collectively as humanity getting their shit out together. This is why it seems our implementation is taking so long. It also explains today’s anger, fear, divides, and political gridlock.

We at Copiosis operate in divine timing. And we know, right now, the timing isn’t right (yet) for overt actions. It isn’t right because humanity isn’t ready. But it’s getting there. Why is humanity getting ready important?

Rather than answering that question myself, I offer Noam Chomsky’s answer. In an interview with New York Times’ Ezra Klein, Chomsky answers that question with finesse:

EZRA KLEIN: You’ve described yourself as having a rather conservative attitude towards social change. In what sense is your view of social change conservative?

NOAM CHOMSKY: I don’t think that meaningful constructive social change can take place unless the large majority of the population have come to the realization that modifications of existing systems cannot achieve the kinds of goals that they think are right and just. At that point, you can have radical social change. If it’s forced prior to that, I think it ends up in some kind of authoritarian structure again.

Authority’s thin veneer

Through the ten years leading Copiosis, many people told me power and authority will prevent Copiosis from happening. I always held different opinions. I know divine desire trumps authority. And divine desire always prevails. It’s also always positive.

Authority possesses no inherent power. Power it wields people bestow upon it. That explains why authority rests on shaky ground. Again, Chomsky explains:

EZRA KLEIN: Do you think that today’s left has an overly optimistic view of how fast social change can happen?

NOAM CHOMSKY: Well, these things can happen very quickly I think. Because I think the structure of authority and domination is very thin. I don’t think it’s deep. People do accept it because they don’t think about alternatives. If alternatives are proposed, a lot of people can accept them pretty quickly. I think we’ve seen many cases of this, not total overthrow of the system, but substantial changes.

Since founding Copiosis, I knew what Chomsky offered here. The will of a prepared humanity will cut through the thin veneer of “authority and domination” like the Sword of Alexander slicing through the Gordian knot. When it happens, it will blindside those in authority.

Waiting for a “large majority” to seek modifications. That happening triggers our overt acts. That’s why we’ve been waiting. Humanity needs to catch up.

Change happens fast

Chomsky gives examples from his lifetime where radical change happened in just a few years once humanity readied itself. He described how mid-depression working class people suffered under crushing repression which destroyed labor movements. Rampant racial inequality, poverty and more, far worse than today, marked a turning point. This was in the early ’30s, Chomsky said.

“A couple of years later, it was a very different country,” Chomsky continued. “We were still poor…But by the mid ’30s, the labor movement had reconstituted from ashes literally…Then you started getting sharp changes, significant ones. Supreme Court stopped blocking New Deal efforts. You got the things that are a lot of the basis for our world today, ranging from Social Security to the T.V.A. and lot of things in between.”

I believe we’re poised for another inflection point, much like the 30s. It won’t be like back then though. 2024 may be the year in which it happens here in the US for obvious reasons.

That gives us and Higher Status Global 2.5 more years to ready ourselves. My focus going forward will be integrating the funding engine and catalyzing final pieces needed to round out our overt implementation ground action. That effort includes completing the HoloApp, fleshing out our Marketing, Political and other main organizational branches and building a vendor ecosystem Copiosis requires to be ready when humanity becomes so.

It’s been a great ten years. Now it’s time to focus on the next ten.

Happy New Year.

Perry Gruber, Founder, Copiosis

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