Copiosis: Right to Life AND Right to Choose

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The issue of a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy vs. the rights of the unborn continues to raise its head in America as the U.S. Supreme Court appears ready to overturn Roe v. Wade. In Copiosis, the issue won’t exist. Women will be free to terminate a pregnancy. Physicians will also be free to refuse to offer abortion services if their consciences so dictate. Society at large will have no control over such matters.

The good news for those in the pro-life community is Copiosis eliminates the economic reasons women seek abortions. Not only that, Copiosis offers strong incentives to raise healthy, happy children while providing all the support a mother needs – at no cost to anyone.

Once that’s the case, terminating pregnancies will probably happen less frequently. Here’s why…

Yes, it’s About the Money

According to a University of California study, forty percent of abortions happen for financial reasons. Other reasons:

  • Need to focus on other children (29%)
  • A new baby interferes with future opportunities (20%)
  • Inability to provide a good life for the baby (12%)
  • Lack of independence and/or maturity for parenthood ( 7%)

Let’s look at these from a Copiosis perspective.

In Copiosis, everyone gets healthcare at no cost to anyone. That means prenatal care, obstetric or midwife services, post-natal care…everything a baby and mother needs.

Furthermore, housing, food, basic clothing and education (including parenting classes) are also accessible at no cost. No woman (or man) need struggle financially as parents. On the contrary: good parenting generates value for the world, meriting an excellent stream of Net Benefit Rewards.

One thing is certain: single parenthood looks different in Copiosis. Even a single parent with several children won’t struggle. Many people enjoy caring for little ones as their passion. Such people would create another NBR stream doing what they love to do. So single parents will find ample numbers of people willing to care for their children (if necessary) while they pursue their passion. And, unlike today, such child-care providers in Copiosis receive FAR more income than below standard of living wages they do today, making such work highly attractive for those passionate about it.

But here’s something cool: a parent who stays at home raising their kids receives NBR in doing so. If both parents co-parent the raising their kids, they both get NBR. Because of this, we think the ‘nuclear family’ – resulting from industrialization – will gradually disappear, while natural extended family clan groupings will re-emerge from human history.

What About Other Reasons?

Now let’s examine being emotionally or mentally prepared (29%) or health concerns (12%) are other abortion causes. The first is something individuals and their support network (family, partners, community) must wrestle with – but at least Copiosis removes any financial and basic necessity complications.

Maternal health concerns can lead to abortions. However, as health care quality improves, and its costs drop to zero, such health issues will become extremely rare. With cost-based resource limitations no longer an issue, we can expect rapid, astounding advances in medical science.

As for women who do not want a child and have no desire to give one up for adoption (only 4%), contraception and temporary or permanent sterilization procedures qualify as health care. Thus, the number of ‘unwanted pregnancies’ will ultimately drop to zero.

In Copiosis every opinion is valid…for the opinion holder. That includes spiritual opinions/perspectives. If you believe abortion kills babies, you can advocate against abortion, educate expecting mothers and the larger community to your heart’s content. But no laws can be created to prevent or subvert another’s freedom.

In Copiosis, nobody must do anything. Nor can anyone stop another from doing what they want. So long as a person endangers no one, nor infringes on others’ rights, they are free. If a woman believes she needs an abortion, she can get one – if she can find a provider willing to do the procedure. Providers enjoy equal freedom. No one can stop them from providing such procedures.

Copiosis cannot change human nature or desires. It can and does remove money and cost from the picture. It also recognizes human value and value to the planet – only. So when such decisions need making, finances play no part.

“Abortion Kills Babies”

Copiosis has no say about people’s religions, spiritual expression or moral codes; what exists today will continue to exist virtually unchanged in Copiosis. Religious leaders will no longer have leverage or control over their followers, but this will be a good thing for them, because only True Believers will remain their congregations.

In Copiosis, religious people are still free to engage in activism within their own communities or even globally. Pro-Life communities may have no political or legal power to enforce their values on others. But every person and community can decide what produces Net Benefit, thereby shaping how much Net Benefit Reward (if any) an act merits.

For example, say a particular community wanted to maintain or grow its population to preserve their unique culture or way of life. That could generate Net Benefit in any number of ways. In that community, terminating a pregnancy could be a significant Net Negative. An interesting case study could result. This blog post illustrates how such a scenario might play out.

In Copiosis, everyone enjoys freedom. That includes free association, expression and action. Such massive freedom affords what everyone wants, unless someone thrives on controlling others. And with the sticky issue that is abortion, individual freedom must be the option.

By K.J. McElrath

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