Copiosis Makes Life Great For Moms And Everyone Else

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Capitalism talks a good game when it comes to honoring and supporting motherhood — but Copiosis actually delivers. Let’s see how.

Capitalism: It’s All About Costs and Profits

It’s impossible not to notice how in capitalism, society recognizes Mom only once a year. That recognition usually looks like buying flowers and cards, and or taking her out to dinner.

All well and good, but what about supporting mothers more tangibly? Capitalism says everything must have a price and profit someone. As a result, in modern civilizations today children are liabilities. Right from birth, unless a woman has excellent insurance, she’ll pay at least $10,000 just for an obstetrician’s services. And if complications occur, that bill goes up…and up. Private, for-profit insurers might deny covering such costs.

It gets worse, especially for single mothers. Aside from moral judgments society passes on single mothers, society seems deliberately contrary to rearing children. It’s costly, time consuming and offers little material reward. This is especially true for low income mothers or mothers with insecure incomes.

Copiosis: It’s All About Net Benefit

What could be more Net Beneficial than to raise happy, healthy children who grow up to add value to the planet? In Copiosis, costs we now associate with raising children don’t exist.

First of all, health care (including the services of an obstetrician or midwife) is available to everyone at no cost. If a child comes with special needs: no problem — services and support doesn’t cost a dime.

All other basic needs come similarly. Even single mothers (and fathers) will always have decent housing, food and clothing for themselves and their children. Furthermore, since nobody has to “work for a living,” there’s no problem being a parent full-time, if that’s what somebody wants to do.

Getting Away From the Kids

Even the most devoted Moms (and Dads) need a break from their children from time to time. In Copiosis, this is no problem. As with other Necessities, child care comes to all parents at no cost. Folks who love working with kids gladly provide such services without parents paying. Instead, those folks receive NBR for lovingly loving other people’s kids.

In fact, as society transitions into Copiosis, society will probably abandon the so-called “nuclear family” in favor of extended family groupings. This means children in Copiosis will not only have mothers, but other caring adults around them at all times.

How better to honor motherhood than that?

Copiosis offers mothers pretty amazing opportunities. Unlimited opportunities really. The same opportunities available to anyone. So Mothers get fabulous lives sacrificing nothing. That’s how is should…and can…be.

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