The Goal: To Set People Free

Copiosis’ ultimate objective is to set people free for the first time in recorded human history. In this video clip, Copiosis Co-Founder Gheric Speiginer briefly describes why.

Over eighty years ago, President Franklin Roosevelt delivered his famous “Four Freedoms” speech, in which he described them as Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Worship (or not), Freedom from Want and Freedom from Fear. By eliminating today’s money-and-debt system of rewards and punishments and the need to “earn a living,” Copiosis frees people to pursue their passions.

We mean something specific using “freedom”. Freedom is exceedingly rare today. It can be everyone’s future:

In Copiosis, we mean free

That goal, freeing people to pursue their passions, has never been done before in a civilization. That’s why Copiosis is unique. We’re not ending capitalism, socialism or communism – although Copiosis does do that – we’re creating a world where people can do whatever they want. Chiefely, we want them pursuing their passions because when they do that, the world gets better fast.

In the wake of freedom to pursue passions, innovation, problem solving and prosperity for all take care of themselves. As do all the things people think must be done that no one wants to do.

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