The Future Is Bright Because It’s Happening Now

Photo by Jungwoo Hong on Unsplash

In the last 12 months, Copiosis saw significant growth on many levels. But some think it’s taking too long. Is it really? Let’s take a look at why most of our Core Team agree: Copiosis is moving fast. And the best is yet to come.

We’ve said many times something as significant as Copiosis can’t happen over night. Overnight successes usually take 20 years or more. That means Copiosis is right on track. Becoming an overnight success is guaranteed, once you know how overnight successes happen.

Someone on YouTube with an opinion and our response to it.

We’ve also said if a person worries about humanity running out of time, or the planet falling apart, then it’s near impossible to feel OK about change as it usually happens. Change always happens gradually. But gradually doesn’t mean slow.

Handfuls of people asked whether they’ll see Copiosis in their lifetime. Some people assume they will not. That assumption increases in popularity coincident with age: the older a person, the more likely they’ll believe Copiosis can’t happen in their lifetime.

The exponential nature of things

When people decry how long they think it’s taking, or when they worry about it possibly not happening in their lifetime, we tell them something they may or may not know: that things happen on exponential curves, not linear ones.

We think some people look at today and think (rightfully) that tomorrow will be more like today than not. They may look at weeks and maybe months that way too. Beyond a year though, humans aren’t very good at predictions.

That doesn’t keep people from extrapolating what they think they know about day-to-day change onto year-to-year, or multiple year-to-multiple-year changes. What we know at Copiosis is change accelerates as time moves forward. In other words, change is exponential.

With an exponential growth curve, progress – evidence of success – is scant at first. Progress appears nonexistent for a long time. At some point, however, progress explodes on the scene. Progress has always been there, but the exponential nature of that progress makes it appear to “suddenly” show up, after a period of apparent non-existence.

Everything usually happens

There’s another thing people don’t recognize, even though it’s happening all the time and all around them. Things people declare sooner or later happen, with declarations affirming life enjoying far more hight occurrence-probability.

The moment someone speculates something is possible, usually, that thing will prove itself. Whether it’s harnessing steam for labor, mastering aerodynamics, eliminating trailer sway, or curing sickle-cell anemia, usually, over time, when someone declares something as possible, it’s not too long before “possible” becomes “real”.

Occurrence-probability – the likelihood that something will happen – increases dramatically to the extend that “something” affirms life. The inverse is true for non life-affirming things. That’s humanity hasn’t (and likely won’t) blow itself to smithereens with nukes, kill itself off with bioweapons or so wreck the planet as to cause a mass extinction event.

Of this we are sure

We know this at Copiosis. That’s one reason we say Copiosis is a done deal. Other reasons we say that bolster our confidence. We’re confident because we see it happening.

  • The more evidence of it happening we see, the more evidence we see
  • It feels good saying it’s a done deal and that good feeling is important
  • It feels good seeing it happening and seeing it happening is important
  • We relax into the happening and because we relax into it…
  • We see more of it happening

All of these seeming crazy statements lie central to our approach. So we aren’t impatient because there’s no need to be: for us, Copiosis is happening RIGHT NOW.

So much is happening right now compared to what was happening two, three or five years ago, we’re excited. Much of what’s making Copiosis real, has little to do with what we’re doing at Copiosis. Almost monthly, more people are talking about it, technologies are coming on line seemingly tailor-made for supporting it and across the world new perspectives are leading people to it.

We’ve made the declaration. Now the world is proving our declaration true.

We expect even more incredible things will happen in the next five or ten years. But we don’t look five or ten years ahead to stay excited. We’re excited NOW.

And that’s why we know it’s not taking too long. Copiosis is happening right now.

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