Copiosis Makes The Rich And Everyone Else Richer

During the transition from today to Copiosis, nobody loses their wealth or assets. In fact, the wealthy are likely to see their “net worth” increase substantially, without any action on their part.

In Copiosis, wealth no longer confers political or economic power. A billionaire can’t use wealth to influence legislation, or control others economically or otherwise.

There is no redistribution or any taxes. Shareholders and creditors are fully compensated for the full value of any securities or debt instruments they old at the time they enter Copiosis.

Will land still have value? That depends on how landowners steward their property, and how that stewardship benefits the community and the environment.

In the end everyone is richer, even rich people, which is how it must be to get to the future we all want. That’s the promise of Copiosis: a future we ALL want.

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