Every negative experience is positive

IMG_0760Since December I’ve been thinking about fundamentally changing Copiosis’ approach. Since withdrawing Copiosis’ invitation to TZM to use our transition model as their own, we’ve seen a gradual decrease in the number of Copiosis patrons. Fewer posts in the Copiosis social group and fewer visitors to the Copiosis website.

While some people might panic about all this, or claim it’s the beginning of the end of Copiosis, I see these it as a reset opportunity. A reset that also has me evolving my approach to creating the change I’m wanting to see in the world generally. I mentioned in a post a while back that I forgave Peter for remarks he made in December. Now I have to praise him. For the separation he caused between TZM and Copiosis has opened this new approach fundamental change I’m wanting to see will emerge from. I think this approach has far greater merit than trying to tinker with “what is”.

It also more authentically aligns with who I am and what my personal mission is.

We’ve been wrestling with pacing here at Copiosis HQ. Those convinced that Copiosis is the answer are struggling with impatience. They want to see more progress faster. We’re not comfortable with waiting, allowing events to accrete, flowing with natural processes and letting the right timing develop. We’re used to “making things happen”, “checking things off our to-do list”, and “getting shit done”.

So when I suggest to those helping make Copiosis happen that the timing isn’t right for action, it confronts them with a way of getting things done that has very little to do with action.

I have struggled with this too. Thankfully, I have many years experience seeing how “no action” can create powerful results. There’s a time for action, of course. But before that, there is a lot of time where action just gets in the way. In budo we call this inaction “being zero”. You allow circumstances to form to the point where the right action is obvious. That’s when action is most potent: when it’s obvious action is warranted.

If you’re caught up in “what is” and bunged up about how “bad” the world is, or if you rely too much on science to form your opinions about things, then you’re probably shaking your head at all this. Those with a lesser or more balanced view between science and nature, perhaps can see some common ground here.

The natural process is gradual. Easy. Native Americans say “to go fast, you have to go slow.” The natural process says everything that happens is meant to happen. Therefore, everything that happens is right, positive and good.

Probably going to need to write more about that last sentence. But in the meantime, I’m seeing opportunity opening up in standing where I am and being still. It’s not easy to wait, only because I’ve lived a long time thinking action is the only way to create change.

Thankfully this old dog can learn a few new tricks.

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