Jacque Fresco and fundamental change

FullSizeRender 4Before Jacque Fresco’s Resource Based Economy became well known, the centenarian tinkered with fundamental change. But he was roundly attacked for it so he abandoned his efforts. Turning his attention to socio-engineering, he found traction and, as they say, the rest is history.

Or is it?

Well, it certainly is for Jacque as far as directly changing people’s minds are concerned. Certainly, he has opened many minds to a new way of living on earth via his work with The Venus Project. Or rather, he has created circumstances for people predisposed to his ideas to encounter them. But as far as fundamental change, we can see those within both TVP and TZM exhibiting thinking behaviors that perpetuate the world we see today.

That’s not a problem, it’s just the state of what is. That state is constantly changing though so it’s completely ok that people hold onto views which counter their efforts to create the change they want.

To get the fundamental change we’re really wanting though, we must begin looking at the context through which the physical world emerges. And while science has created a vast array of beneficial solutions, it helps very little in this arena because it, for better or worse, fosters beliefs which run counter to examining the context. That is to say science isn’t bad, but the beliefs many of its adherents form around it, particularly arm-chair scientists – i.e. those who don’t conduct their own primary research – make it near impossible to grasp how reality becomes…reality.

But Jacque….oh….Jacque. He was onto something when he joined the KKK to test his ideas about changing people.

Today, there is so much momentum around opening people’s minds to new ways of thinking, a thinking approach that is having enormous positive effects in the subjective lives of those brave enough to give the approaches a real chance. What I mean by “a real chance” is, not listening to arm-chair scientists with their knee-jerk opinions, and instead testing the approaches in their own subjective realities to see if the approaches work.

An RBE enthusiast once replied to a post I made on my personal Facebook wall about how thoughts create reality. His response was “bullshit”. I asked him via the comments section how he knew it was bullshit. Did he test out the methods through which the statement can be verified?

He didn’t respond.

You opinions are powerful. But only in the sense that they create  your reality. Even if you don’t believe that, that is what’s happening…paradoxically. This is the nature of the change I’m wanting to make. I thought the transition to a better world would be about creating a new vision. I have done that. But to practically implement that vision requires deeper work. Work I’m emminently qualified for.

It might be worth sharing that experience in a future post.


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