Fundamental really means that

Dream or dreamer?Copiosis has lost a few patrons over the last few months.

One of those people have left because, according to their exit survey, they hadn’t intended to be a Copiosis patron for ever.

But others have probably left, and I’m speculating here because they didn’t complete the exit survey, because of my new video blog and the views I’m expressing these days. Peter Joseph’s decree that TZM and Copiosis are “diametrically opposed” to each other has caused some departures too.

It’s ok, I’ve accepted that. And it’s perfect.

It’s perfect because my perspectives have shifted too. And, as my perspectives shift, so must Copiosis.

What am I talking about? I’ll explain by referring to TVP.

Did you know Jacque Fresco’s first attempt to make society a better place, before he started talking about the Resource Based Economy, was to try to offer a new way of thinking that could shift society from the inside out? I read he met strong resistance from psychiatry practitioners who argued that he was practicing psychiatry without a license.

So he gave up shifting people’s internal framework and decided instead to try shifting their external framework. I’ll write more about that and include my insights, but the point is, I think Jacque was onto something with his earlier focus.

If physical reality is completely subjective, and my primary research proves to me that it is, then tinkering with the dream is not the way to create change. It’s much better instead to show the dreamer how to dream better dreams.

So what does this mean for Copiosis?

I still think Copiosis offers a vision that can take humanity into the future, effectively transitioning our world from what we have into something far better. So I intend to keep writing and speaking and working towards making Copiosis happen, along with the people who are committed to it as a future.

But fundamental change is that. And my intention coming into the world has been about ways to make life better. The fundamental approach to that is showing people how to choose better dreams, which means, to choose better ways of seeing the world.

That’s the best way, I think. Shift the world from the inside out.

The inside out.  That is how everything is happening anyway.

And in that shift more people will become more open to ideas such as Copiosis and TVP’s RBE vision.



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  1. I am still very confused about the rift between Copiosis and TZM. Regardless of the reason we need that coalition to continue.

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