People Hate Coal In Their Copiosis Stockings

Photo by Addy Mae on Unsplash

The Holidays are upon us…ho, ho, ho and all that. Christmas lights, crosses, babies in the mangers…All the festivities mark yet another year closing out…

And still no Copiosis.

Some people following Copiosis since it started in 2013 are likely not following it anymore. Others with more faith see that faith tested as yet another new year approaches with seemingly no real results indicating Copiosis is anywhere near happening.

What the hell gives, these people may be asking. What’s taking so long? One person recently said “Copiosis is brilliant, this Perry guy is clearly really smart. How come he’s not doing what’s needed to make it mainstream?”

This Christmas, allow us to give the gift of more patience. In doing so let’s see if we can mollify the dejected, the impatient and the bah-humbuggers while turning the coal in their stockings that is “no Copiosis this year!” into the wonderful gift of “it’s on the way and will be here before you know it!”

The world getting ready

While those on the outside wonder what’s taking so long, people directly implementing Copiosis find difficulty containing their excitement. Whether working on Copiosis blogs like this one, participating in the social group, sharing evidence they see around the world, or interacting with people on Twitter, they see what we know:

The world must prepare before we introduce ourselves. And the world is preparing.

Imagine, you’re heading home for Christmas. You get there, ring the doorbell and your mom is in her night gown, her hair is disheveled. Christmas turkey sits hard as a Gibraltar, frozen in the fridge and figgy-pudding is about as far as ready as can be. So much so, the ingredients are still on the grocery shelves!

That wouldn’t be a very fine start to your Christmas would it? More fun would be when you knock and your dad opens the door wearing his Ugly Christmas Sweater, the dog is chasing your baby sister ’round a fully decorated tree, complete with presents wrapped and assigned, and turkey and ham aroma wafts from the kitchen. Your sister, waiting her turn behind your dad, finally gets to wrap you in her arms and she welcomes you with egg nog and a “Merry Christmas!”

That’s what’s happening right now with Copiosis. We’re on the road. Meanwhile, experiences like wealth inequality, forever wars, government grid lock and insurrection threats all help humanity see the way we currently do things on the planet…need to change.

Get the holiday message

We’re at a massive inflection. Just like the golden age. The golden age wasn’t a flash-in-the-pan overnight switch from one world paradigm to another. Neither was the Dark Ages, or the Age of Enlightenment. They’re all called “ages” because their unfolding took “ages”.

It won’t take Copiosis “ages” to happen, but likely, historians will call the time of Copiosis’ emergence as an age. They will lump in all that went before. With their 2020 hindsight, they’ll connect dots the fainthearted who worry Copiosis is taking too long can’t see.

So while it looks like Copiosis isn’t happening. It actually IS happening.

There’s an old saying: Wisdom comes contained in great messages. A wisdom-containing “message” is one in which a “mess” carried on for “ages”. In the carrying on, a lot of people learned a lot of things, thus turning the mess into wisdom.

The same is happening with Copiosis.

The chart above represents our latest significant progress: our system architecture design. It lays out how the Copiosis app will perform every function it needs to run a global Copiosis economy. See it in detail here. Or click on the picture above.

So the holiday message from Copiosis is we’re moving faster than it looks and soon, you’ll see. It’s kinda like Santa delivering presents in our childhoods. We had to get through the night. The world is in the night, right now.

Tesla: an overnight success?

Every seeming overnight success takes at least 20 years. Tesla, before it became the international motor vehicle darling that it is, first needed Musk to become a multi-millionaire. That happened with PayPal going “IPO” in 2002 before being acquired by eBay. Musk, an essential part of PayPal since its founding in 1998, then needed to invest in Tesla, which already existed. That investment happened in 2004. The first prototype wasn’t publicly revealed until two years later in 2006.

That’s eight years – 1998 – 2006. By then Tesla had one prototype. No mass-produced Model Ss. Just one two-seater sports car. Six years later, in 2012, the Model S gained notoriety. So it took at least 12 years before Tesla appeared as the success we know today. It’s increasing global dominance is only now obvious…almost 10 years after that.

The original 2-seat Tesla Roadster. (Photo By cytech)

The same holds true for tried and true companies all over the world. The point is, it takes a while to create something great. No matter how great the idea, releasing it “in the wild” always takes a while.

Holo, Higher Status, Copiosis

With Copiosis, not only are we unfolding something great, we depend on several innovations that, themselves are unfolding. One is Holochain, which, as this is being written, is undergoing its own delays. We expected Holo’s beta public release to have happened this month. Now it looks like sometime in 2022.

Sound familiar?

Another brand new innovation Copiosis depends on are technologies undergirding our strategic funding partner, Higher Status Global. They are committing $1.7billion to fund Copiosis’ implementation. Like Holo, we expected their technology to come online this Christmas too. Now, it looks like it will be mid-to late Q1 2022.

Finally, there’s our implementation approach. Unlike Tesla, Facebook, Google and others, we drive our success through a brand new (ancient actually) spiritual approach that relies not on investments and providing such investors a return on their investment. In other words, we’re not out there raising a bunch of money to make things happen. Instead, we’re focused on ushering in Copiosis in a way consistent with how we know the entire Universe works.

That’s a far different approach. That approach requires certain mindsets. Such mindsets even the founder continually practices. So everything supporting Copiosis is novel. We’re not only rewriting how economics works. We’re rewriting how things become things. That’s another reason why it seems to be taking so long…and yet not.

Delays: part of the process

Anyone following Tesla knows their Cybertruck faces long production delays with the initial delivery date long behind us. The same is true for nearly anything great. Delays are part of the process. Because we aren’t traditional in our approach, we rely on divine timing as the arbiter for when we emerge in humanity’s collective awareness.

Which is why Perry, the founder, never gives a date as to when Copiosis will be adopted by the First Nation. He can’t know. Knowing that is not his job. That’s up to the Universe. Perry’s job is trusting and knowing it’s all working in divine timing.

Others on the team find themselves on board with this mindset. When they aren’t, they, like those watching from the grandstands, struggle with impatience and frustration. They don’t have fun. But when they’re in the mindset, suddenly, they see evidence everywhere that progress is happening…and fast.

So this Christmas, as you enjoy family, friends and figgy pudding, remember, nothing great happens overnight. We’re moving fast, people working with us see our velocity. But if you’re on the outside, it looks different.

Before you know it though, you’re going to unpack a present that causes all other presents to pale in comparison. That is the future that Copiosis brings, not just to those following our work, but to the entire planet.

When that happens, every day will be a holiday.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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