No Job Is Safe Now, So Bring The New World Order

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The moment I read the synopsis of this The Atlantic article I knew it was more evidence Copiosis is happening. As a writer, I figured arts-based jobs would remain safe from automation. Well, I was wrong. Artificial Intelligence stands to give even knowledge worker and creator jobs a shellacking.

When writing “Artificial Intelligence” I mean ChatGPT, OpenAI’s GPT-3 family language models with built in language learning. We used GPT-3 to write a couple blogs for Copiosis last year. What it wrote was damn good.

But this latest version is a DEFCON 1 job killer. And The Atlantic Article goes in to detail how this AI might happen and put the kibosh on ALL jobs. Not just blue collar ones.

That’s right, white collar work now stands in AI’s cross hairs. But so do creative arts jobs. With AI now producing award-winning art and music, is any job safe?

The Atlantic says, maybe not.

The future is coming

Meanwhile, other technology advancements already killed many labor jobs. Solar and wind already killed Coal. Miners and heads of coal companies just don’t realize it yet. Robotics, combined with electric vehicle tech, already drastically reduced manual labor needs on auto assembly lines. Some reports say up to 30 percent of jobs in the auto maker industry will disappear as nearly all the big automakers follow Tesla’s lead. Those are all factory jobs. Not the office jobs that current AI now threatens.

Some may think “more of the same” will keep jobs people think they need and want. Labor unions will fight. Congress may act. But our obsession with keeping people in jobs is a relic. One built on a lot of assumptions about people. Assumptions that are just wrong. Still, I see why some think jobs represent the best way to keep people happy. Or should I say “complacent”. For keeping people’s noses to the grindstone keeps people from questioning.

So does keeping people uneducated.

The new world order

And yet, as I’ve written before here on this blog, more young people are unsubscribing to the notion of jobs as an essential life characteristic. That’s because they come pre-wired for a world in which they’re free.

Furthermore, they want to express that freedom in ways that confront more than our employment shibboleths. Which is why some people are angrily wanting to Make America Great Again.

Meanwhile, I embrace all this as signs of a New World Order emerging. A future where conflict still exists, because we can’t do anything about diversity, including diversity of opinion. And diverse levels of intelligence, critical thinking skills and tolerance.

But this New World Order can create a world where no one can leverage their own insecurity to gain power over, then control others. That’s what the New World Order that is Copiosis creates.

If you haven’t already, consider finding out more.

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