More Great Results Show Humanity Readying For Copiosis

For an increasing number of people, “dream job” is an oxymoron. Young millennials and Gen Z folks aren’t buying the American dream. They’re not dreaming of jobs.

But what’s really important about these people is, they comprise the youngest members of the workforce. This is a significant indicator of Copiosis’ potential success.

In a recent post, we wrote about the normal distribution and the silent majority. In that post we explained how that group enjoys tremendous power. Democracies are winner-take-all civilizations. Majority votes usually carry the day. The majority of Americans are stubbornly conservative on democracy. They love it. They want to keep it.

Creating fundamental change

The Copiosis transition plan therefore depends on attracting this part of America. Without Copiosis enjoying wide-spread, mainstream appeal, it will become what TZM and Venus Project have become: interesting ideas, but not a practical potential human future. Not as far as mainstream Americans are concerned.

But with the youngest in the workforce no longer wanting traditional jobs, mainstream America’s orientation is changing. Indeed, we already see it becoming more progressive, with younger Americans driving that. Post-Roe elections in many states indicate progressive change too. While SCOTUS struck down Roe, states expected to follow suit did the opposite. Other states have proposals up for future vote. Meanwhile, polls show Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to anti-transgender laws and very favorable of supporting gay marriage rights.

TikTok users expressing their #greatresignation freedom.

The young are driving much of this. Especially since larger numbers of them come into the world as gay, trans and non binary these days. They’re also anti-capitalist.

The news organization VOX reported earlier this year that America’s youngest workers are turning out on social media and rejecting “Work as we know it”. They don’t like capitalism and its expectation people should dedicate their lives to work.

A positive trend to a better future

As this trend continues, we expect the normal distribution of America to skew more towards more progressive ideas. As long as we offer sound evidence Copiosis can work, when America is ready, they could embrace the future we offer. That embrace may be led by the young.

As all change usually is.

A Gen Z TikTok user considering going for a better job

The article does note important caveats. After all, the world still hinges on earning money to get things these youths need. Some of the aggrieved don’t want no jobs. They just want better ones. Others want to follow their passions. Even if that’s being a housewife. Or just being beautiful. Copiosis offers an alternative of course.

An alternative allowing everyone whatever they want. The trend among the young is promising. It will be interesting to see how that trend grows and dovetails perfectly with what we’re offering.

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