A Great Video Readying People For The New World Order

A Core Team member turned us onto a video featuring Dr. Gabor Maté. In the video, the acclaimed physician and author discusses his new book. It’s called “The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness, and Healing in a Toxic Culture.” The book offers a running tally of the ways in which our society collaborates with people’s sloppy focus and thinking. That collaboration results in a host of symptoms. Symptoms ranging from anxiety and depression, to poor parenting and shorter life spans.

Of course, many following Copiosis already know this. Peter Joseph also does a great job analyzing our society’s dysfunctions. And while we agree with much of what Joseph and Maté offer, we know this level of intense dysfunction serves a powerful, positive role.

That role eventually leads to people choosing something different. We know that “something” is Copiosis. It’s the New World Order some describe as “the civilization Jesus would create.” But if people are going to embrace the New World Order that is Copiosis, they must first become willing to do so.

The process is proven

That means, they first must become willing to give up what they have. That becoming process we call “humanity getting ready for Copiosis.” People getting ready represents the most important element of our transition plan. We can do all kinds of things. We can produce all the evidence people want. But if they aren’t ready to give up what they have, they won’t.

So the more people like Joseph and Dr. Maté who promote troubles our society creates, the better. Because no single authority will convince people. We need many authorities coming out and saying the same things.

Then people will be ready to give up what they have. From there, convincing them about Copiosis is easy. Every person today who loves what we offer went through the same journey. So we know this process works. That’s why we’re in no hurry at all.

Humanity is getting ready for Copiosis. Meanwhile, we at the Core Team are doing our parts by creating a financial future for Copiosis consistent with Copiosis values of freedom and joy.

Stay tuned. The world is getting better and better as it gets ready.

Listen to Dr. Maté’s interview on Democracy Now’s YouTube Channel. Or you can watch it right here:

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