Turmoil Is The Best Gift For The World Right Now

Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

The US, Peru, Bolivia, Germany, Italy. All these countries face major political struggles. Such struggles are massively positive indications of humanity getting ready for something better. Something like The New World Order that is Copiosis.

Russia’s aggression in Ukraine is another sign. So is continued socio-political unrest in the Middle East and China’s protests over draconian COVID measures. We say here in the core team that the world must catch up. The world must get ready for what we offer.

That means, they must first get fed up with what the world currently offers. That’s what we see happening. Note that in each case above, when people speak, government goes along…eventually.

That’s why the more such things happen, the better. We’re not worried about the future. Instead, we say “bring it on!” Even while we might quake a little bit at some of the extreme events, we know these events are positive signs.

Heil Hitler?

Take what happened in Germany, for example. Last week, thousands of German special forces staged raids across the country. The targets? A group of fascists intent on overthrowing Germany’s democracy. QAnon-fueld silliness prompted a once fringe force to gather their garters in preparation. With help from military, police and even political operatives, this group was ready to stage something similar to the attempted US Jan. 6 coup.

Germany’s democracy wasn’t having it though. Despite efforts to conceal their attempt, officials knew what they plotted. Foiling it was easy. Still, what once was a fringe element now many consider a threat. Same is true in the US.

Here, law enforcement agencies worry too. They worry about terror-type violence domestic fringe elements might wage in attempt to spark a civil war. While civil war won’t happen, the terror threat is real.

Conspiracies worldwide

What’s fascinating is how US-born conspiracy theories helped stoke the German plot. Even while those plotters blame the US for the “illegitimate” government currently in charge. Furthermore, it’s well known that such theories form around a kernel of truth. Even though such theories are largely false.

That truth is people’s frustration with how things are going. Anger at how those in charge profit while the rest suffer ripens people’s appetite for such theories. Winner-take-all democracies play a part too.

Of course, Copiosis puts an end to all this. But before humanity can enjoy the New World Order Copiosis establishes, humanity first must get ready. It must ready itself to consider such an option.

That’s what’s happening. Struggle and strife around the world signifies humanity readying itself. So the more we see, the more we have reason to revel.

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