Christians Find Copiosis A Powerful, Awesome Idea

Photo by Cam Ferland on Unsplash

I’m becoming more convinced that some Christians may lead America to the New World Order that is Copiosis.

I say this because my personal experiences, and events unfolding nationally, may indicate a growing convergence between Christian ideology and what Copiosis offers.

Now, I’m not necessarily referring to fringe evangelical Christians. But even in that population, according to at least one podcast, even those people say they want things only Copiosis can deliver.

As long as a two party system dominates America, such people will not get everything they want. I think these people see that writing on the wall. That’s why they’re so up in arms. What they see scares them. And scared groups of people usually get really angry. Sometimes they get violent.

The world Jesus would create

Long ago, when first thinking about promoting Copiosis, I asked a lover at the time what she thought about the innovation. Constance was a devout Christian. Her faith was everything, although, as an artist and art teacher, she leaned left on social issues. I admired her faith. It was powerful and, frankly, attractive. She was also quite beautiful, smart and artistic.

Anyway, we sat on her couch one fall day. Leaves of all colors carpeted her beautiful, well gardened backyard. I shared Copiosis as I understood it. When I finished, Constance looked at me and said “That’s the world Jesus would create.”

Back then that statement shocked me. It shocked me because it’s true. Jesus would LOVE Copiosis. It contains everything people require to live their best self. I attribute her opinion that day to inspiring me – among other things – to take on implementing Copiosis.

Nearly ten years later, I enjoyed another conversation that went almost identically. A woman recently became a Copiosis supporter on Patreon. Sentiments in her first email resembled what Constance said.

Would Jesus love Copiosis?

I think this person and Constance are right. Jesus taught loving one’s neighbor as oneself. He talked about seeing the land as a steward would. God created the natural world as an example for humans to live by, in ease and joy, with no worries or frets.

Copiosis includes many features that make living like Jesus encouraged possible. It incentivizes people freely supporting others with necessities. Then it lavishes those people who do with awards. Copiosis encourages people to follow their passion, instead of trying to get rich. It makes it impossible to exploit other people, or treat them like means to ends. Because it frees people from earning a living, it focuses people on what’s important: living life free, enjoying life and enjoying our connections with others.

Indeed, Copiosis even rewards people when they focus on their families. And it offers everything families need to do that at no cost. And when children grow up as contributors to the world, especially when they follow their passions, the parents get even more awards. What for? For creating and raising children who generate Net Benefit Value through their passions.

It also allows for maximum diversity. It encourages people to serve humanity in an inspired way. Copiosis says whatever you’re passionate about is worth sharing. When you do you’ll receive awards. It also frees people so they can do things from the heart. Instead of doing things they must do, things which they often don’t like doing.

So yes, I think Constance and this new patron are right. Copiosis creates a world Jesus would love.

The world Copiosis might just be what Jesus would create. Could Christians inadvertently be praying Copiosis into existence? (Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash)

Another data point

The patron referred to above is now excited about Copiosis. She’s sharing her excitement with her church. Those folks are giving her similar feedback, although some, rightfully, fear people’s insecurities as the common denominator of all our problems.

Recently she shared an experience she had evangelizing about Copiosis. It’s a pretty cool response:

I’ve begun to share Copiosis with members of my church (and strangers on the ASU campus ☺️) and it’s so interesting to hear the response. With one woman in particular she shared her questions and doubts about such a utopian solution – it all sounds good except there are people involved and people are the barrier was basically the gist of her position. But when I asked her what she thinks Jesus thinks of Copiosis she said ” Good question. I think it would be the fulfillment of his kingdom economically” May his will be done!

At the very least it’s been wonderful to go through my days imaging how different spaces and relationships would be different in Copiosis. Truly the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible! Thank you!

Even Christians leaning towards Trumpism are saying things which align with Copiosis. The podcast mentioned before is from the New York Times. Another, separate New York Times podcast express some Christian leaders’ dismay over trends they see. Their dismay sets up opportunity for a system like Copiosis. One that can end the two-party system while bringing to the fore exactly the kinds of things Christians want. Even while preserving things non-Christians want.

The future is encouraging

All this supports why I’m so inspired by what’s happening. Yes, sometimes my butt-hole puckers at worldly events. But then I remind myself that it must get worse before people really start looking at better alternatives. I mean, just look at climate change! Finally people are starting to think we outta do something. Some are taking the matter in their own hands. Major companies are doing similarly.

I’ve always said we can’t force adoption of Copiosis. Instead, we must offer it and show why it’s better. At the same time, people must want it. For them to want it, they must get fed up with what they have.

I think we’re on that track. That’s why I’m confident. And I’m glad Christians might lead the charge towards the new future Copiosis creates. Of course, no group is homogeneous. I’m certain some Christians will recoil when they hear how Copiosis works. So our transition will continue fascinating us all as we watch people from all sides come together in support of The New World Order Copiosis creates.

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