An Amazing Story Proving Copiosis Is The Future

Photo by Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash

It’s so wonderful to see how perfectly the world shapes up, delivering everything we want with seemingly magical timing. The same is happening with Copiosis. The world is shaping up perfectly for its adoption.

To illustrate that, I want to call your attention to a remarkable example. The example has to do with rocks. That’s right, rocks.

Tens of millions of rocks, lying on the bottom of the ocean to be clear. Rocks that not only represent humanity’s future, but also represent the next industrial gold rush.

And yet, we’ve known these rocks sit down there since the early 1800s. For centuries, these potato shaped rocks literally line the ocean floor. Meanwhile, for nearly as long some have salivated over their existence because they hold so much value. But they couldn’t get at them. That’s because they sit under so much ocean, getting at them has been a technological impossibility.

That’s the beginning of this amazing story.

Changing tides brings the new

Today, with many people finally acknowledging climate change is real, political tides are turning towards actually doing something about it. California, for example, recently made a momentous decision. Starting in 2035 all new cars sold in California must be electric. In other words, the state placed a ban on internal combustion cars.

And it doesn’t matter where the car gets made. If it’s sold new in California it better be electric. California has the muscle to change entire industries because it’s such a large state. So when it requires a product change other states follow California’s lead. So manufacturers pay attention to the Golden State.

But California does not lead in this case. Most large auto makers already planned huge shifts in what they make. Largely because of Tesla, nearly every auto maker recently committed to electric cars as the future.

This is great news. But it also is bad news.

The bad news is we don’t have enough batteries to meet future demand. And that’s just auto industry demand. The electric revolution impacts everything. Home builders are now building new homes with battery storage packs. Salespeople are encouraging homeowners retrofit old homes with batteries and solar energy systems. The ability to store energy on site means homeowners can save big on electric bills.

Combined with solar, which is getting cheaper and easier to install, batteries are changing how consumers relate to their utilities.

These changing tides mean something big. They mean we need more batteries. The problem is, we don’t have enough raw materials to make more batteries. Batteries require metals that aren’t plentiful on land. Experts warned raw material bottlenecks could grind the electric revolution to a halt.

And that’s where the rocks come in.

Solar and renewables are our future. (Photo by Nazrin Babashova on Unsplash)

It’s not coincidence

As if on cue, enterprising entrepreneurs saw opportunity. These people today see a future where climate change gets fixed. Their solution: electrify everything. However, doing that requires way more and way better batteries than we make today. But these guys have a solution to that too. They want to pull those rocks off the ocean floor.

That’s because those rocks are jam-packed with raw materials battery makers need to crank out better, more powerful and more plentiful batteries. The rocks, known in certain circles as Polymetallic nodules, vary in size. Most are egg or potato sized. What’s amazing though is this: each one is almost entirely composed of raw materials we need for more batteries. And, they cover over 70 percent of the ocean floor.

Some experts estimate 500 billion tons of these rocks lie on the seabed. They’re down there, sitting on the seabed, waiting to be harvested.

They’re just laying on the ocean floor! (Photo by By Abramax – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0)

Is this coincidence? How is it these rocks just happen to be there when we need them? Whatever your answer, I find it fascinating.

It’s equally interesting that today, technology progress is such that we can harvest these nodules cost-effectively. Industries already are investing in trials demonstrating that technology’s capability. Many see harvesting these nodules as the next gold rush.

Now think about this. Nature is prodding us to change our ways. Climate change is nature’s voice. Humanity is only now starting to listen to that voice. But some, pioneers let’s call them, heard the voice long ago. They’ve been doing things to move humanity away from climate changing activities. Even while others try to stop them.

These rocks are our future. (Photo by Hannes Grobe/AWI – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0)

Just in time availability

Against all that pressure, these pioneers changed society for the better. Now, those changes place new demands on our industries. But those demands are improving things too. Solar is ending the coal industry. Electric cars already killed internal combustion ones. The internal combustion engine doesn’t know that yet. Meanwhile, the battery is about to have its turn at everything else.

Those changes also demand that we look to new ways to make batteries. We can’t find the raw materials in the earth. There isn’t enough. And while some humans clamor about shortages, nature presciently answered the call.

Creating these nodules takes many MILLIONS OF YEARS. Every several million years, they grow just one centimeter, Geologists say. Yet there are WAY more than we need waiting for harvest literally lining the ocean floor.

It’s like nature knew ahead of time that we’d need raw materials for batteries in the future. And in that knowing, created them just in time.

I don’t know about you, but I see providence. It’s not coincidence these nodules accreted over hundreds of million of years and now are ready for the picking. Now, right when we need them. And when we have the tech to get them.

It’s divine timing in the making. Meanwhile, another unfolding is happening. It too is happening in exactly the same timing.

One illustrated method to mine the nodules (Graphic by G.Mannaerts, CC BY-SA 4.0, )

Copiosis unfolds in divine timing

The same dynamic bringing nature’s need, humanity’s need and our technology together in perfect timing also moves Copiosis.

The divine process underway behind the scenes coordinates all things, fulfilling all desires. Human desires are no exception. Every desire a human wants gets fulfilled through this process. The only thing holding fulfillment back is our lack of faith. Lacking faith creates the delay. It doesn’t prevent the unfolding fulfillment though. That’s because everything once asked for, is given, no exceptions.

But sometimes those asking don’t get what they ask for because their lack of faith delays the fulfillment. Which is why improvements usually come to successive generations instead of those doing the asking. Knowing this offers tremendous leverage. Because people who find a way to stay faithful to their desires don’t have to wait generations for their desires’ fulfillment.

That’s why I’m confident Copiosis is done. The core group and I are cultivating such strong faith. Strong faith is more important than anything else, once an idea is born. Another word for “faith” is “belief”. We’re standing ever stronger in the belief that everything we need is coming to us. The same way humanity’s need, technology and these nodules came together.

It’s not going to take several million years for Copiosis to blossom though. Because of our staunch faith, Copiosis is blooming fast. We see Copiosis blooms everywhere. These blooms fortify our belief. The story of these nodules is one such bloom. It shows us our faith is paying off.

It’s so wonderful seeing All That Is delivering everything we want with seemingly magical timing. Only it’s not magic. The world is getting ready for Copiosis. The New World Order that is pre-ordained in the birth of the idea that is Copiosis.

It is the future. And we’re creating it.

Perry Gruber, Copiosis Founder

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