Here’s How Copiosis Stops What Conservatives Fear

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Mob rule is a major fear of conservatives. Especially rich ones. Another word for mob rule is “ochlocracy”. Conservatives, especially rich ones, fear “the mob” will wrest wealth from the rich and redistribute it to everyone else.

This fear was pervasive among the US founding fathers. All those guys – and they were all guys – also had land and wealth. They feared direct democracy because they believed, rightly, that democracy would allow “unlanded” majorities to redistribute these guys’ wealth.

Now, it’s fair to argue that wealth is common, i.e., it belongs to no single person. The richest people ever all historically built their wealth from the planet’s resources. They also relied on other people’s contributions. Without other people’s labor or their investment, wealthy people couldn’t become so wealthy.

So it’s a fair argument to say wealth people generate belongs to all those who contribute to that wealth, directly or indirectly.

Solving rich people’s problems

But in a world where wealth gives the wealthy access to power, prestige and luxuries, it makes sense that some wealthy people would resist such arguments. Some would go to extreme resistant measures. Measures such as devising a complicated representative form of democracy which makes ochlocracies impossible.

Indeed a big reason for America’s representative democracy was founding father fear of ochlocracy-based wealth redistribution. I understand that fear. What’s funny is that for all the brilliance rich people supposedly have, they haven’t figured out a way to solve this problem.

For today, we’re seeing a resurgent ochlocracy paranoia among the wealthy. A New York Magazine article titled How To Make A (Semi-) Fascist Party* in part describes how rich conservatives argue that democracy is the enemy of America. It’s America’s enemy, they say, because democracy enables ochlocracy. And ochlocracy inevitably ends in destroying the rich.

We made this argument in our post Democracy is Dumb. And, evidence abounds that democracy combined with Rule of Law creates exactly those outcomes. Recently proposed “wealth tax” legislation proves the assertion.

So it’s not unreasonable the rich fear wealth redistribution. Honestly, no one likes their wealth taken from them.

The rich want to keep their money. Everyone else does too. (Photo by Blogging Guide)

No one likes getting their money taken

We call rich people who shelter their wealth in tax havens greedy. We argue that they should share more of their wealth though tax measures which put that wealth into social programs. When rich people use their contacts to defeat such measures, we try shaming them with silly missives like “eat the rich” and “there should be no billionaires”.

But the plain fact is, plain people don’t like giving their money unwillingly either. That’s why nearly everyone tries reducing their tax burden each year. And, if these people became rich, such reduction efforts would increase.

So we don’t blame the rich trying to keep as much of their riches as possible. But attempts to keep the current system in place aren’t the best way to do that.

It’s no surprise, of course, that we think the best way to do that is to eliminate wealth redistributions altogether. Copiosis does this. But instead of just doing that, it adds other ideas that make accomplishing “social” objectives way easier. All without a single redistribution. It also, by the way, makes everyone richer. That means people might be less likely to want to punish the rich.

The rich are getting ready

Rich conservatives’ worry illustrates something important. It’s another sign that humanity is getting ready for Copiosis. When some rich people see how Copiosis protects their wealth, they may just stop and take notice. Then they might throw some of their wealth our way.

We’ve been saying this for years. Humanity is catching up with Copiosis. It’s not just the rich. Next time, we’ll look at young people just entering the workforce. These people too find themselves wanting something far different from the world their parents created.

And that’s the cool thing about what we offer. It offers so much to so many. While at the same time, it eliminates only those things we think the vast majority of people would rather see gone.

Waiting for the world to catch up with us can feel like doing nothing. The world catching up is necessary though. Until it does, it won’t recognize Copiosis as something desirable. That’s why struggles we see in the US and elsewhere are good for humanity. Those struggles give humanity a fresh perspective. A perspective that makes the New World Order something worth looking at.

And when humanity is ready to look, we’ll be there welcoming them to the future.

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