When People Use Jobs Like Addicts Use Crack

Photo credit: Matthew T. Rader

A 2016 study shows a remarkable correlation between people who work a lot and the number of people suffering from depression and anxiety. So says an article I’m reading in The Atlantic Magazine.

Psychologists used to argue that “workaholism” triggers anxiety and depression in people. As well as other sicknesses. But what they’re discovering now is new. People still work their assess off. However they do so to soothe mental issues. Directly from the study:

“Workaholism (in some instances) develops as an attempt to reduce uncomfortable feelings of anxiety and depression.”

Source: PLOS One

Peter Joseph, I think, posited a poor-mental-health-and-work correlation in his many writings. Those following world-changing proposals like Copiosis and TZM already know such correlations exist. That’s why, to them, the study is unsurprising. Not so for the rest of humanity.

Modern society enables addition

Most of the world encourages this addiction we call workaholism. A host of other addictions too. How many times have movies featured their main characters immediately turning to alcohol when they get emotional? Especially when alone. Whether it’s cigarettes, alcohol, sex or work, we’re encouraged to numb the pain. Instead of face the pain head on.

Facing it head on is hard. Especially when our world offers so little in the way of effective treatments. Effective treatments get short shrift in favor of those that make people a lot of money. A lot of money for treating symptoms, rather than fixing the fundamental problem. So it’s no wonder our heroes and anti-heroes in film and elsewhere smoke, drink and work their asses off.

They reflect back to us our own ineffective addictions. Addictions we take on because it’s what society tells us to do.

The Great Exhale

That’s why when the transition to Copiosis happens, people will need a break. They will need to get their footing, decompress from the world they’re leaving behind. The Great Exhale will be a massive, therapeutic period where many get to face and slay their demons. Instead of numbing themselves with work, substances and other chemical distractions.

Work is like crack. Or maybe fentanyl. It’s everywhere. It seems like everyone is doing it. And while many decry its impact on society, few really want something done about it. And so humanity keeps praising work as the one thing people need to find self-worth. Self-worth can’t possibly be found within. People must find it in action. In their labor.

But not all action or labor. Only those with market value.

The good news: people are waking up. Another article I read indicates a new thinking. It questions this idea saying raise your kids to be good workers over all else. Instead, it says we should be fostering kids’ characters and values. Not conditioning them to make a bunch of money.

The world will benefit from people doing that. In the meantime, let’s agree to put down the crack pipe.

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