Fundamental really means that

Dream or dreamer?

Editor’s note: We published the original version of this post in May 2017.

If physical reality is completely subjective, and my primary research proves to me that it is, then tinkering with the dream is not the way to create change. It’s much better instead to show the dreamer how to dream better dreams.

This is why along with Copiosis, I created Positively Focused. Through Positively Focused I show evidence from my primary research as inspiration for others to do their own, and in doing so realize Charmed Lives, even amidst capitalism.

You see capitalism isn’t bad. It, like money, is amoral. It has really bad outcomes among a bunch of really good outcomes. As we’re seeing though, the bad outweighs the good. In other words, capitalism creates negative net benefit.

But it is the best we could do given where we are as a species. We humans have a lot of problems, many of which stem from flawed understandings about the Universe, each other and ourselves.

That’s why working with the dreamer (people) is more fundamental than working on the dream (capitalism or socialism or communism).

As my client list grows, each client finds their lives (their dream) totally transformed over time. Before long they’ve tasted the sweetness of a Charmed Life and they want more. So I know Positively Focused serves the world as well as Copiosis. The two go hand-in-hand in my mind.

So what does this mean for Copiosis?

Copiosis offers a new, better, breathtaking dream. This dream takes humanity into the future, thereby effectively transitioning our world from what we have into something far better. Writing and speaking and working towards ushering in Copiosis, enjoying moving along with people committed to it as the future, still thrills me. Staying the course with Copiosis continues as a passion. After all, we’re on the verge of launching a massive demonstration project and even, perhaps our own docu-series and reality show. Why stop now?

But fundamental change is just that. My intention coming into the world has been about ways to make life better. The fundamental approach to that is showing people how to choose better dreams, which means, to choose better ways of seeing the world.

That’s the best, easiest way, I think. Shift the world from the inside out. The inside out.  That is how everything is happening anyway.

As more people complete that shift, Copiosis will find its place among that shift as our collective new, future reality.

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