Every Negative Experience Is Positive


Originally published May 23, 2017.

Since December I’ve been thinking about fundamentally changing Copiosis’ approach. Since withdrawing Copiosis’ invitation to TZM to use our transition model as their own, we’ve seen a gradual decrease in the number of Copiosis patrons. Fewer posts in the Copiosis social group and fewer visitors to the Copiosis website.

While some people might panic about all this, or claim it’s the beginning of the end of Copiosis, I see these it as a reset opportunity. A reset that also has me evolving my approach to creating the change I’m wanting to see in the world generally. I mentioned in a post a while back that I forgave Peter for remarks he made in December. Now I have to praise him. For the separation he caused between TZM and Copiosis has opened this new approach fundamental change I’m wanting to see will emerge from. I think this approach has far greater merit than trying to tinker with “what is”….”

I wrote that in the original version of this post back in 2017. Since then, only three years later, Copiosis Social Group activity on Facebook has exploded.

Membership in that group tripled. Our patron support rebounded and more money has come in from outside of Patreon than ever before.

Our outreach results continue to astound. In addition to the social group, three other Facebook groups have spontaneously formed around Copiosis, including an edutainment group, a Q&A group and an action group.

Several new demonstration projects are in the drawing board, and more and more people are visiting our website that ever before.

I’d say what looked like a bad thing to some three years ago served as the launch pad for what we see today.

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

Our pace at Copiosis is perfect. As we focus, being slow and smooth, we see an abundance of evidence the world around us is catching up with us. The more that happens, the more opportunity tilts in our favor. Witness for example, this wonderful result where an NGO offered a grant to a high school to run a grocery store wherein points instead of money are used to consume groceries.

We’re enthusiastic about this demonstration as it sets the precedent for Copiosis winning future grants after we successfully transition Copiosis the LLC into a nonprofit organization.

Then there’s this wonderful New York Times article describing millennials inheriting billions and using that money to end capitalism.

There literally are dozens of bits of evidence lining up around the globe and indicating humanity becoming increasingly ready for Copiosis.

Impatience is not a virtue

The more evidence people helping usher in Copiosis see, the less they struggle with impatience. They want to see more progress, but they understand now (for the most part) that deliberately slow is not slow. It’s fast.

We’re totally comfortable with waiting, allowing events to accrete, flowing with natural processes and letting the right timing develop. Most people are more comfortable with “making things happen”, “checking things off our to-do list”, and “getting shit done”. That’s not how we are at Copiosis.

In the past, when I suggested sometimes the timing isn’t right for action, some left in their frustration. When Peter put the kibosh on Copiosis speaking at the next TZM global event, it didn’t confront me. There was a time when it would have.

Not any more. For many years I’ve seen how “no action” creates powerful results. There’s a time for action, of course. But before that, there is a lot of time where action just gets in the way. In budo we call this inaction “being zero”. You allow circumstances to form to the point where the right action is obvious. That’s when action is most potent: when it’s obvious action is warranted.

Get caught up in “what is” and bunged up about how “bad” the world is, or if you rely too much on science for answers, then reading this sounds nonsensical. But as I’ve always said: just because it makes no sense to you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense.

The natural process is gradual. Easy. Native Americans say “to go fast, you have to go slow.” The natural process says everything that happens is meant to happen. Therefore, everything that happens is right, positive and good.

Probably going to need to write more about that last sentence. But in the meantime, I’m seeing opportunity opening up in standing where I am and being still. It’s fun seeing that because I’ve learned. And in the learning Copiosis gets closer and closer to becoming our global reality.

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