One Reason Why Real Change Is Hard

Photo by Kat J on Unsplash

There’s a good reason why creating fundamental change is so hard. It’s because the world offers so much satisfaction today. Satisfaction people don’t want to give up.

The majority of people enjoy their lives. That majority resists changes they fear might end that enjoyment. While most people live overstressed, overworked, overtired and in debt, enough distractions keep them in a temporary, distracted simulacra of pleasure. Like any simulation, this illusory pleasure offers temporary respite from dissatisfaction lurking just underneath the simulacra.

The only way to keep that anguish from rising is a steady stream of continuing entertainment. The moment such pleasures stop, dissatisfaction comes in. And no one enjoys dissatisfaction.

Meanwhile, a lot of people satisfy themselves financially and otherwise by creating ways to keep others feeling happy. Even though many young adults can’t afford a house and many older people can’t retire, those same people find respite in many of those creations.

Sports programming keeps many satisfied. Reality shows entertain at least half of America. Consumerism brings a lot of satisfaction to many. Gaming and gadgets bring diversionary satisfaction to more. Sex and relationships do it for some others. Family does it for still others. Then there’s drugs and alcohol. In short, enough people successfully build their cocoon from “dissatisfaction” by providing all kinds of diversions for others.

So it’s a great thing things like climate catastrophe, famines, wars and other phenomena kick us out of diversions. They keep us looking for better ways. Yes, better ways to distract ourselves. But also better ways to make things better.

Our allies in unlikely forms

But usually, those better ways require things to first get really bad. That’s what we’re seeing today. In a way then, the natural world helps those really wanting a better world. It helps by waking up the rest of us to another way.

The natural world comes assisted by those we might call “enemies”. For conservatives, it’s “the libs”. For progressives, it’s the fringe right. Black people have whites and vice versa. Indeed for every group, there’s an “anti” group prompting solutions.

Copiosis enjoys a large number of allies working on its behalf. Collectively they spur humanity towards that point at which they’ll be ready for what we’re offering.

The birth is going great. Get ready for the triumph! (Photo by Alex Hockett on Unsplash)

While all this is happening, the world looks like it’s going to hell. But for those in the know, it’s different. For those, the world is getting better. Even amongst all the hellishness.

And that’s why, even now, I stand in optimism. The world is gradually improving, even as it goes to shit. It literally is a matter of perspective.

The same holds for the “hardness” of creating fundamental change. It’s hard if you think it is. Or, it can be easy. Seeing all of nature on our side, working as our allies, it’s hard not to see this fundamental change business as easy.

That’s why none of the “bad” things happening these days deter my resolve. So please, bring on the pandemics! Give me more political mayhem. Bring on more racial disharmony and political divisiveness. Because the more of that I see, the more I know All That Is works in our favor.

They are the birth pangs of Copiosis. And the birthing process is going fine.

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