The World And People Are Getting Full On Scary?

Is America going crazy or what? Now, old Asian men are getting on the mass shooting bandwagon. And black police are murdering black people. What gives? America is getting ready, that’s what gives. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is getting as absurd.

Those aware of how our transition plan works realize all this craziness helps people open up to better alternatives. It’s the process of evolution happening in slow motion. A process we at Copiosis are using to our advantage.

Yes, a lot of suffering is happening. Yep, people are also angry, cold, hungry and scared. And while it sounds callous to write “all these people help prepare humanity for the future”, that’s exactly what’s happening. Because the worse it gets, the better it gets. And, I think a lot of us would agree, it’s worse. But it’s also getting better.

I’m not the only one

What I’m learning to let go through all this is the notion that I must be the one who makes the future happen. I’m a small part in a much bigger process. And I’m not a crucial part. The future isn’t up to me. That future is secure. Meanwhile, bad things we see in the world mean more good things are cued up for our future.

I like knowing the world is getting better as it gets worse. It will be fun doing my part when the time comes for direct action again. But in the meantime, my role involves focusing on the good things happening, while celebrating when the bad happens. For the good can’t come until people experience enough bad to let go of the past.

That means millions, tens of millions of people out there are doing what they believe makes a difference. I don’t agree with what some do, and that’s ok. Because all that doing catalyzes the New World Order. An order promising a future that’s bright.

That New World Order is Copiosis and it’s happening. The time isn’t right for direction transition plan action. Not yet. But the time for that is coming. The more violence, protests and disasters that happen, the closer we get.

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