Can A Psychopath Destroy Copiosis?

Someone asked: Couldn’t a psychopath rig the system, possibly with the help of others and fiddle more NBRs for themselves thus hoarding luxuries?

It’s an understandable question when looking at Copiosis through today’s lens, with so much corruption and fraud so easily accomplished.

Of course corruption and fraud can and will happen in Copiosis, but instances never get out of control for the same reasons a psychopath rigging the system can’t get control of the system. By “out of control” we mean, people can’t get rich that way or corrupt the system for their own uses and against others.

Here are some questions to consider when thinking about Copiosis and corruption:

  • How could a psychopath rig the system, or a person try to corrupt the system, without others seeing what he’s doing?
  • How could a psychopath get help from others without those people blowing the whistle on him?
  • How could he get more NBRs for himself if the system must first measure results produced in order to calculate an amount of NBR to reward? If there are no results, how can he get NBR?
  • How would a psychopath “hoard” luxuries, when luxuries are the private property of others, meaning, no producer is forced to give away their luxuries if they choose not to and luxuries can only be consumed through generating NBR?

These are interesting questions regarding psychopaths and corruption.

First, it doesn’t matter if people get more NBR for themselves (should they be able to), because NBR is only good for luxuries. But the more NBR a person gets REQUIRES a growing amount of evidence in the world since rewarding NBR requires first measuring results produced. With no results evidence, there can be no measurement and thus no reward.

Besides, everyone will get an ongoing stream of NBR for just being, as well as doing many things people do today, that don’t merit money-income today. So we don’t think people would be motivated to corrupt a system wherein they’re already being rewarded for things they just normally do, which creates numerous NBR income streams relatively easy. Far easier than trying to corrupt the system.

NBR can’t be used to pay others to do things because NBR is non-transferrable. Assuming someone could fiddle more NBR for themselves, it’s more likely someone will notice them trying to do that and stop them in one of several ways, thus receiving NBR for their acts.

Once identified as someone trying to cheat the system, that person’s community might refuse to give that person luxuries AND necessities. So the “cost” of being a bad person is quite high, don’t you think?

In Copiosis, money can’t be used to insulate yourself from your connection to and dependence on other people. So a person can’t be a bad person for long without someone noticing and reporting what’s happening and thus triggering a community response as well as NBR for themselves.

As for people helping that bad person do bad things, what would be their motivation? The psychopath can’t force them in any way because no one depends on any single person for anything they can’t get from someone else in terms of luxuries and necessities. So there’s no force someone can exert on another to compel them to act against their will.

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