Conservatives and fundamental change

Talking with a conservative friend of mine convinces me getting these people on board with fundamental change is going to be a snap.

In short, my friend, who I casually inquired about his political views and social perspectives, said to me to sum up his position:

“If you just read Ayn Rand, you’ll have a great understanding of conservatism.”

Thankfully I have read Ayn Rand. Everything she wrote actually.

He went on:

“All we want is for people to work hard, be rewarded for their hard work and make something of themselves instead of expecting a hand out or an entitlement. And we don’t want to be told we have to do something we may not want to do.”

I actually found that refreshing. And an easy context within which to talk about what Copiosis can offer conservatives. So now, I have a strong platform from which to talk about Copiosis to conservatives.

I knew Copiosis contained something for everyone. It just took a little while for me to figure out what it was that it had for the right.

Now I know.

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