You’ll love our latest publication

A New Future Cover

I’ve gone into great detail explaining how Copiosis addresses nearly every socio-economic issue in this latest free publication, A New World Can Be Ours. One reader said it’s brilliant and it allowed him to fully understand the model.

If you’re wanting to get a better handle on how Copiosis works, beyond the six minute video intro published some time ago, you’ll want to download this free copy.

Here’s only some of what’s covered:

  • How Copiosis affects businesses
  • How Copiosis effects multinational corporations and multinational trade
  • How public and private property are addressed
  • How Copiosis deals with profit and the profit motive
  • Addressing children and families
  • On war, militarization and the need for defense

And more. This document was the essay prize entry for a recent contest. I think you’ll find it interesting. Check it out.



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