Copiosis: A Wonderful Butterfly In The Making

Photo by Bankim Desai on Unsplash

I’m on a walk this morning. Thinking about the very long posts I’ve published in the last three weeks, I wanted to share something shorter.

Someone close to Copiosis said something recently that I appreciate deeply. He said he understood why I’m cultivating a stable positively focused foundation for the core group. He said he recognizes, firsthand, how much pushback some members of our society are likely to express when they first hear about Copiosis.

Indeed, just look at how people respond to situations in popular society these days. Very quickly it becomes apparent what’s going to happen with something as large and disruptive as Copiosis.

Not that I wish such things will happen. But understanding these happenings will generate even more momentum and attention for Copiosis, I do welcome them. But if core team members don’t have the intestinal fortitude to stand clear, confident, and with a positive interpretation about what’s coming when it happens, how is the rest of the staff to withstand the onslaught?

Controversy is money

Make no mistake. I expect way more people will adore, get excited about, and support Copiosis. That groundswell, however, will make those who initially believe Copiosis is a threat, more strident in their reaction.

Controversy sells. And so, many pundits are going to say things, things that aren’t true, in order to stir controversy and negative emotions among their followers. Because alongside controversy, keeping people insecure, fearful or angry makes money too. So Copiosis will compel pundits and news organizations alike to talk about it. Doing so draws eyeballs and eyeballs equal ad revenue.

So I appreciate the perspective this guy shared. It’s comforting knowing at least some people understand why I am cultivating the culture within the organization I’m creating. It’s the best one from which a pure version of the innovation can flow. It’s also the culture that can also hold up to what I expect will be lots of lies and false facts. Not to mention personal attacks, intimidation tactics and privacy invasions on both myself and team members.

Spiritual fortitude

So while we patiently await our funding, we are not sitting on our laurels. Instead, we are cultivating spiritual fortitude among core group members as a group, and as individuals in preparation for the transition the funding will inspire.

Those who have followed me and Copiosis since the beginning, know the deliberate focus I’ve brought to creating this reality. They may not understand the spiritual underpinnings. But the purpose will be evident soon. In the meantime those folks see results produced so far and believe in what I’m doing. I appreciate their understanding.

It’s awesome how far we’ve come. And in this “quiet time“ we are gearing up for a wonderful future. Just as the caterpillar in the chrysalis undergoes transformation into a wonderful life as a butterfly.

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