Copiosis Melds Science And Spirit Into The New World Order

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

What we’re doing at Copiosis is a revolution. Many are trying what we’re doing. But not in the way we’re doing it. Not only is our innovation revolutionary, how we’re implementing it is too. Yes, we’re using science, but we also rely on something more powerful. So what is that?

In a word: spirituality.

Some of our peers approach creating change using cold, hard science. Science-based evidence, they say, represents the best way to make decisions. But science is dead without spirit.

What do I mean by spirit? That’s a question worth asking.

By spirit I mean the animating principle behind all phenomena. Some people call that god. But I don’t call it that. Whatever word used, it’s a fact that science gains from this animating principle. That’s because scientists rely on their imaginations. They must develop solutions to problems. That usually happens through thinking and creativity. And both are imagination at work.

Imagination is the human version of the animating principle. So it’s fair to say science relies heavily on spirit to get things done. Everything relies on this animating principle. Therefore, removing spirit from the equation of human life is impossible.

Unfortunately, many of our peers try divorcing themselves from spirit. They claim god does not exist. Some call religion superstition or primitive. Even though their ability to make such statements stems directly from the animating principle they’re claiming doesn’t exist. Indeed, these critics couldn’t event breathe without this animating principle that is spirit at work within them.

Every scientific invention relied on spirit. (Photo by Rohan Makhecha on Unsplash)

Wherever people are spirit is

The influence of spirit is everywhere. Wherever humans are, spirit is there too. Every human invention came first through imagination. There’s no way to deny this. And so I can say with certainty that spirit trumps science in its influence on the planet. That’s because for millennia, humanity had no science. Yet it evolved just fine. And spirit still guides us today.

Spirit continues running all of what makes humans human. It also makes human civilizations largely pleasant places to live. For spirit connects us all. It allows us to see ourselves in others. And in seeing that, we live largely in peace.

Only when “leaders”, dispossessed of their connection to spirit, convince us to dehumanize fellow humans into “enemies” do we accept disrupting that peace.

Wherever a person stands, spirit is there too. But not only there. Wherever matter exists, spirit is there. And, where matter doesn’t exist, spirit exists there too. Because spirit is the originator of all matter. This can be proven. But only in subjective terms.

Wherever a person is, spirit is there. (Photo by Mor Shani on Unsplash)

Why spirit matters

At Copiosis we leverage this all-pervasive animating principle. We use it to our advantage. We do that by first opening ourselves to its influence. Doing so we experience what many would call miraculous events. Others might call them pseudoscience. But there’s no denying our individual experience. Valid examples of extrasensory perception (ESP), mind-blowing visions and altered states including out of body experiences (OBE) tell us we are on track.

We are on track to harnessing the ultimate power. The power of creation. Doing that everything becomes possible. Including things people think impossible. Like creating money.

Many try to change or improve our current system. They do so with a cold, factual approach. Theirs is all action all the time. The more action the better. And the sooner the better. That’s because action-proponents believe we must avert disasters threatening our future. But spirit tells us such disasters come as a person fears them. It’s why Einstein said “one cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war.” Better said: you can’t want peace, yet prepare for war. Because what you focus on is what you get.

Spirit matters because it’s in everything. It is the ultimate Source. The Source from which we at Copiosis draw.

Spirit is the ultimate Source. (Photo by Ravi Pinisetti on Unsplash)

It’s all creation

This explains why we are patient. Because we’re aligned with spirit and spirit never acts in haste. Spirit knows everything always works out. Results always come in perfect timing. But only results one focuses into being. We are laser-focused therefore on Copiosis as the New World Order. Not any other outcome. So there’s no hurry because our outcome is inevitable, according to spirit. Because that’s where we unwaveringly focus.

Does “spirit” make your skin crawl? Maybe you should see a dermatologist. Or replace that word with one you feel better about. Again, no matter what word describes it, spirit is everywhere. It is the animating principle behind all matter. It is intelligent, aware and all powerful. One who aligns with it becomes more powerful than millions who aren’t.

And yet, we can’t know when results will happen. Spirit acts spontaneously. Its results come “like a thief in the night”. So we must trust what we want will arrive. And yet we have ample evidence now our trust is well-placed. Spirit has delivered on every promise. Every time.

The power to see

Long ago I wrote a blog post saying we know how to create luck. What I meant back then was we understand how spirit works. These days, we enjoy so much evidence that this approach works, our trust in spirit is stronger than ever. It’s that trust through which we see evidence of the world preparing. We can see humanity preparing for the New World Order. So our spiritual practices aren’t “doing nothing”. We are preparing for when humanity is ready. When it is, the money will arrive and we’ll be on our way.

Meanwhile, so much evidence has shown itself, I’m more confident than ever in our approach. That’s why I’m willing to share so directly today.

It’s this evidence that had me separate from the awesome funding opportunity that came our way two years ago. That opportunity was great. But spirit told me that was just the opening act. We could have, it encouraged me, the kind of funding I really want. Which is funding with no strings attached.

Through spirit, everything is possible, including creating money. (Photo by Jeremy Beck on Unsplash)

The New World Order

That’s what we’re creating now. A future-now wherein funding shows up free and clear of any restrictions. In the meantime, we’re enjoying evidence showing us that future-now is on the way. We only need be patient. And we have plenty of that.

The New World Order is the world where science takes its place. Not at the center of human endeavors but as a kind of side hustle. A perspective which recognizes its limits, subservient to and dependent on spirit, which it is.

Meanwhile, spirit is limitless. Its possibilities; endless. Just like humanity’s future. Because humanity is the ultimate expression of spirit. And Copiosis is humanity’s ultimate expression of its civilization. Until something else comes along.

Copiosis is the proper blend and melding of science and spirit. Spirit shaping and lovingly informing science and all else humanity creates.

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