Be Still, Then Enjoy The Full Power Of Spirit

Photo by Taylor Brandon on Unsplash

Protests, anger and frustration. Humans often turn to these to create change. They don’t consider power inherent in being passive. Yet, passivity can yield awesome power. That is if one knows how to use it.

Our civilization lauds action. But action without proper inspiration creates more problems than solutions. That’s why progress takes so freaking long most of the time. Because those wanting progress try to get it through action. Often through action inspired from protest, fear, anger or frustration.

At Copiosis, we prefer a better, more joyful approach. An approach based on spirit. The best way to leverage the power of spirit is by being still. Some people think being still, or passive, is a bad thing.

At Copiosis, we know better.

The power of stillness

At Copiosis, we’ve discovered the power of passivity, of being still. But before going too far on this, we should talk about what we mean by being passive. It’s probably not what you think.

In the last post, we talked about our focus on spirit. That’s an important element of our transition. We could say it’s the ONLY element. Because spirit is the animating principle of All That Is, including things people want. If that’s so, and it is, then connecting to spirit seems like the best approach to achieve anything.

But our society glorifies action. We’re awash in to-do lists, results-orientation and focus on “getting things done”. That orientation works well alongside spirit. Focusing on action too much, however, or ignoring spirit can greatly slow down getting what you want. That’s where stillness comes in.

In stillness, one reconnects with spiritual power. There, that animating principle does nearly all the work. So stillness or passivity can bring great rewards. Including you getting what you want with little effort on your part.

That animating principle behind All That Is literally creates worlds. So making something like Copiosis happen is a cinch.

Passivity is accepting with no resistance. It’s a crucial skill for harnessing the power of spirit.

No resistance is power

To us, passivity or stillness is action. Rather than offering resistance or a response to something we don’t like, we focus our imagination on what we would like instead. That simple act is tremendously powerful. Once tapped into spirit’s power, imaginative acts, without resistance, turns the imagined into solidified reality.

This happens whether a person knows what you just read or not. Which explains why progress happens so slowly for most. Think of all the people who want the world promised by idealists throughout history. Or consider those on the right or left who want a world different than what they see. What do those people focus on? That’s right, they focus on the world they don’t like. They complain about it. They talk to their friends about it. Their favorite news programs talk about it 24/7.

If instead these people focused less on what they don’t want and more on what they do want, they’d get what they want faster. Meanwhile, such people keep creating more of what they don’t want. How? By focusing there and complaining about it.

Whether it’s mass shootings and gun control, cleaning up politics and elections, fixing the homeless problem or the opioid crisis, none of these things are abating. They’re all getting worse.

That’s why we focus on the world we want to see. Not the world we don’t want. Doing that we get that.

Protest if you feel you must. But don’t resist. Resistance works against you. (Photo by Taylor Brandon on Unsplash)

Where is the evidence?

Some may say, “well if your approach is so powerful, why aren’t we living in Copiosis already?”

The answer is more complex than that question allows. For one, humans are increasingly conditioned on the idea of instant gratification. Overnight delivery, one-day delivery, one-hour delivery, in “30 minutes-or-less” have conditioned us into “have it now” expectation. But physical reality happens gradually, it’s not instant. Many factors contribute to this gradual process.

At the same time, however, creation is instant. Anything we can conceive we can instantly enjoy. But one must know where to look to find that which is instantly created. Do that, however, and that instant gratification happens. Then, in time, one sees evidence proving they already are living in what they want. One’s life reflects in solidified experience that which matches the desire. One just needs to know where to look to see the solidification.

And when one focuses on that emerging evidence that focus is imagination. Imagination begets more evidence so long as there’s little accompanying resistance. This supports why we focus so much on sharing evidence of the evidence. Doing so is powerful action. Action inspired by the initial imaginative act.

There’s more to share about the power of spirit. In this post, I shared how stillness, passivity and focus tunes imagination into a powerful focusing lens. One that then serves us in our goal that is Copiosis. So much evidence has shown itself over the years, I’ve committed my life to this process.

Others are seeing that evidence too. Those people are as committed as I. Their commitment, to me, is further evidence. Which is why I know our process works.

The process powered by the power of being still in spirit.

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