Why Copiosis Is A Personal Revolution

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Copiosis is me. Copiosis is you. It is everyone. It springs from our collective consciousness as it desires for more, new, and improvement of what is. So for humanity to enjoy what Copiosis offers, we each must revolutionize who we’re being, starting with me.

Copiosis, therefore, is a spiritual revolution. Not a physical one accomplished through acts. That doesn’t mean action isn’t required. It’s just that action isn’t the main event.

It also doesn’t mean everyone must make this revolutionary journey at the same time. Nor does it mean everyone must change before Copiosis happens. Many will change as it’s happening. Some will change afterwards. But in the end, everyone will need to spiritually change to some degree to “enter the kingdom of heaven” that is Copiosis.

That change begins with me. And I’m changing.

Evidence abounds

Just as evidence exists showing the world preparing for Copiosis, my personal life shows evidence of me changing. That evidence is so plentiful, as I write this, I feel giddy. I feel giddy because I’m thrilled. I’m thrilled because I know I’m creating that evidence. And the more I create, the more excited I get about Copiosis.

Because Copiosis springs from me and those working with me. I lead by example. And so as I change so do those working with me. As they see my example, they want to create their own examples. Some come ready for that kind of change. Such people are the ones I want serving on the implementation effort’s core team. That’s because they get it. And their getting shows up in their taking on their own human revolution. Then their evidence amplifies my own.

Imagination is the essence of our embodiment of the animating principle behind all things, including the unfolding of Copiosis. (Photo by Jeremy Beck on Unsplash)

That’s a nice virtuous spiral.

When I write “evidence abounds”, what kind of evidence am I referring to? I’m referring to evidence of extraordinary spiritual expansion. Expansion indicating I’m connecting more directly with the Animating Principle behind all matter.

Here’s what that evidence looks like.

The impossible, possible

Evidence of spiritual revolution looks like developing awareness of abilities some think don’t exist. ESP, for example is real. So is traveling outside of one’s body. Creating people as one wants them to be is another example. All these experiences and more can’t happen unless a person expands their consciousness.

Expanding consciousness only happens by stilling mental activity. Nearly all religions say this. But most people thinking these things impossible usually haven’t tried stilling their minds. Not seriously. Nor have they done so under guidance from an expert. Many others start, but then give up. Only diligent, daily practice, usually under someone who’s gone before, yields these “special” powers.

Only they’re not special. Everyone possesses them. But they atrophy in most people. That’s because most people get too plugged into the matrix. Then they complain about their lives. Complaining disconnects one from what’s possible. And, disconnected people have little power. They enjoy little influence. Which is why a positive attitude is crucial to creating anything great.

Jedi mind “tricks” are real

Long ago I experienced disconnection and lack of power. These days, though, I’ve regained what I once lost. That’s why I experience growing abilities like what I described above. The most recent is creating versions of people I prefer experiencing.

For example, I bought something from a store. Two days later, I wanted to return it. I had the receipt, but not the original packaging. I knew the store likely wouldn’t refund my money without that packaging. But I also knew I create my reality. That includes other people.

GIF by Star Wars - Find & Share on GIPHY
The famous Star Wars scene where the Jedi Obi Wan Kenobi influences the behaviors of Imperial Stormtroopers using the Force.

So I stilled my mind. Then I imagined the store refunding my money. Then, I went to the store. The clerk was hesitant so he called the store owner. The owner asked why I wanted to return it. Then he explained that it would be hard for them to resell the item without its original packaging.

I said nothing. Instead, I held to my vision of the store refunding my money. I could tell he was spinning his wheels thinking what to do. Finally, he said he’d refund my money.

The next day, the exact same thing happened with another item from a totally different store!

Money is coming

Every “power” I mentioned above I’ve now demonstrated being able to do. So when I’m told by my mentors I can do, be or have anything I want, I believe them. That’s because since I’ve followed their guidance, everything they’ve told me has proven true. Just like The Oracle talking to Neo in The Matrix.

Whether it’s Star Wars or the Matrix trilogy, such films express hidden abilities available to us all. These films aren’t just entertainment. They’re bridges to the New World Order. That world where humans and super heroes or gods are the same thing.

But getting to that world comes at a cost. Some will pay it up front and enjoy earlyvangelist status. They will pave the way for others. They’ll do that by showing the rest that the impossible is, indeed, possible.

Then others will come later. Still more will follow as laggards.

And isn’t that how it always is when something new emerges? A small number get it at first. But over time, a majority adopts it. Then it becomes common.

I call myself a pioneer, a catalyst. I relish that role. It’s as though I was born for this. I’m leading the personal revolution that is humanity’s transition into the New World Order.

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