Copiosis: Soon More Popular Than Obamacare

Copiosis replaces Obamacare
Photo by Marcelo Leal on Unsplash

Copiosis offers, among other necessities, healthcare to everyone at no cost. Those providing healthcare get rich. The Copiosis founder explains how that happens below. So it is possible to provide healthcare and all other necessities at no cost to anyone. Capitalism can’t do that though.

November’s federal election results put the kibosh on republican plans to kill Obamacare. Despite best attempts from the right, Obamacare today is more popular than ever. Trump relinquishing the White House means the popular federal program is here to say.

That means, like it or not America, America is closer to socialism.

Those who don’t like that trend should look at Copiosis. Yes, it ends capitalism, but it also ends socialism just as decidedly. Communism too!

There’s so much to like about Copiosis if you give it a serious look. But most don’t do that at first blush.

But we don’t need “most”

Good news is, we don’t need “most people” liking Copiosis now. They will in the future though. Like everything people like today, Copiosis is following the tried and true product adoption curve. In the beginning that means a small percentage of people people find out and get excited about Copiosis.

Eventually, we reach the majority of the population, who by then will find Copiosis compelling. When they do, Copiosis will become our collective, de facto economic system. Planetary economic disruption baby!

The technology, or product adoption curve. The heart of our transition strategy. We know how to implement this strategy and we’re already producing indicators of success.

Years ago I talked with a convicted felon and successful businessperson (a construction contractor) who said during an interview that “Obamacare killed my company”. It’s interesting when I hear that coming from people who believe in free enterprise, free markets and such. “Obamacare” didn’t kill this guy’s company. His unwillingness to go out and grow his company did. Any entrepreneur worth his salt realizes challenges are there to be overcome, not succumbed to. So to say a government program killed your entrepreneurial pursuit is, in my opinion as an entrepreneur, an admission of personal failure. Not an indictment of the government program.

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps for god’s sake! LOL. (sarcasm and irony intended)

Copiosis ends capitalism

There are so many fundamental challenges facing humanity since I originally wrote about Obamacare and its popularity. Far more companies are dying today and it’s not because of Obamacare. It’s because capitalism can’t work if people don’t. And COVID-19 has kept people at home, thereby revealing how much humans really are slaves to the capitalist system.

I think as much as people love Obamacare, they’re doing to adore Copiosis once they really understand what it offers. Not only does it offer absolutely ALL healthcare to everyone at no cost at all, it also provides every other necessity, and it doesn’t depend one bit on anyone working against their will.

Copiosis is happening. Many don’t see it yet. They will, in time though. And we have all the time in the world because Copiosis is the idea whose time is here.

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