Copiosis Offers Solutions To What We Fear Most

Copiosis eliminates these things
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An original of this post ran on the Copiosis blog November 17, 2017.

People today are scared. Fears people are most worried about have nothing to do with wealth disparity, wage slavery, or racism. No. What they’re worried about, what they fear, are catastrophes. Thankfully, Copiosis solves those.

So says a survey asking people about pressing global issues they believe could – in respondents’ mind – wipe out the species.

Global challenges with Copiosis solves ranked by countries and within countries by priority.
WMDs, politically motivated violence and climate change are ranked as top three risks to tackle urgently in all countries except India and China (Source:  Attitudes to global risks and governance 2017)
Global challenges with Copiosis solves.
Climate change, war and WMDs top the list….(Source:  Attitudes to global risks and governance 2017)

Who cares about wealth inequality if the planet is unlivable? Who cares about racism if the only race remaining is a bunch of nuclearized, mutant sub-humans? And of course, no one wants to live through another devastating global war.

It seems to me the survey report uncovered strong incentive for ideas like Copiosis: ideas offering viable transition strategies which solve these pressing problems. Unfortunately or fortunately, in my opinion, Copiosis is the only idea I’m aware of offering a viable transition strategy. So not only are there agreed-upon fears and challenges, there is also at least one really good solution: Copiosis.

Watch the 2021 – 2025 strategy roadmap here:

You can download the entire survey report at our downloads store.

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