Could the Money Bomb work?

The Money Bomb.001Are you aware of all the talk going round on fixing socioeconomic problems we face? Many smart people are thinking through this. In Portland where I live, I met 40 different organizations in one night dedicated to making the world a better place.

“We can’t make change happen” seems odd given the ideas floating to make it happen. The most interesting mid-term solution I’ve heard so far: The Money Bomb.

The premise: use the political process against itself by forming “a Super PAC to end all Super PACs”. This new Super PAC would be funded by everyday people instead of political interests and matched by wealthy sympathizers. Such a massive PAC may alter the Congressional landscape provided it had sufficient funds to sway elections.

Results could be dramatic. Including perhaps passing “move to Amend” initiatives. Such initiatives that sound great, but may be tough to pass today. If Americans get behind The Money Bomb, it may work.

Why this interests me: At Copiosis we’re counting on the hundreds of organizations out there, working to solve the short and medium term problems. Our innovation focuses on the “impossible” problems. Solving those, we believe, eliminates ever repeating problems we see today.

We’re not operating in a vacuum. We need the other organizations – all these other brains – to make their change happen, paving the way for ours to happen too.

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