We don’t like government. Here’s why.

Our government doesn't work because it's been infiltrated by those it's supposed to be regulating.
Our government doesn’t work because it’s been infiltrated by those it’s supposed to be regulating.

There are many reasons why humanity has outgrown government. I could list ten of them, but I’m sure you, like me, are tired of list blog posts.

Instead, here’s one really good one: The revolving door between government regulatory agencies and the business entities/industries they’re supposed to be regulating (see pic at left. Click to enlarge).

Not that there’s anything surprising here. It’s exactly what happens when governments, motivated by capitalism and run by representative (plutocratic) politics mature.

Favoritism, back scratching and such replaces good ol’ governance. That’s why nothing really has changed that will prevent another economic collapse like we saw in 2008. Government today is simply the nasty overgrowth of what it once was. Pruning through electoral reformation, campaign finance and such will work. In the short term only.


Because campaign finance, elections and politicians aren’t the problem. It’s government itself. And capitalism, and debt, and money. Like a pair of shoes that no longer fit your feet, they all must go.

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