Details will set us free

DEVIL IN DETAILS.001Devils live in details.

Our innovation is only as good as the tech behind it. After six months generating awareness. We’re returning to refining our tech. That’s not to say our innovation is half-baked: it’s ready for primetime. Primetime doesn’t need a implementable solution, it needs a compelling story.

Why do so few solutions go beyond that?

Gift Economy! RBE! Sounds great. Making it viable, transitioning from what we have to those futures, redistributing assets, managing resource allocation, compensating people for investments….all these details stop stories dead.

We’re left with talk, concepts, ideas. No change.

All the alternative systems we’re aware of are void of details. That’s why we believe our solution provides the way out.

Last month we turned much of our attention back to refining our details. This focus will continue for the near future. Have a look at what we’re up to.


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